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The Ignorance of Representative Dosch

Representative Dosch, I fail to comprehend how anyone can be so phenomenally ignorant in this day & age - the age of "instant knowledge / enlightenment" - & make statements such as you did about Indns, 'the Tribes', casinos, & that "the tribes should step up & help their people" as reported in the Bismarck Tribune.  Just what do you think the purpose of casinos is, Representative?  Do you think?  Have you ever thought about it?  Inquired?  Hm?  I doubt it.

  The purpose of casinos, Rep. Dosch, is jobs for Ndn People.  But in order for casinos to make a BIG difference in the economic situations on our Reservations, they need a large wealthy population to support them.  Until the Bakken Boondoggle hit North Dakota recently, there was no such population, as you know.

  Regardless of all of that, you own a hotel so you should know that such an operation requires a lot of money off the top of the income, for such things as maintenance, supplies, electricity, salaries, food, laundry, landscaping, etc, ad nauseum .  Do you believe, Representative, that Ndns don't need money for such things?  That somehow our casinos operate on air?  In a vacuum?  Some space where standard market energies do not operate for us?

  If that is so, how have you managed to acquire a hotel?  How have you managed to keep it operating?  How have you managed to remain so incredibly ignorant, Representative Dosch?  How?  I suggest you are ignorant on purpose, and a bigot to boot.  I can conceive of no other reason for your ridiculous, offensive statement about 'the tribes should step up & help their people'.

  You owe every Indn in North Dakota - which is named for my Nation, Representative - a huge apology.  Time will tell if you are big enough to make it; & if you refuse, it speaks about you, not about me or the rest of NDs Indn People.

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