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Thanks-giving & The Gimmee Season

Hanh!  I'm not a big fan of Christmas.  First, it's not my spiritual way. There's way too much abuse associated with missionary crap, to my People & every other.  Sort of, "support our way or we'll kill you." - & then they talk about a loving god.  Riiight.  Second, my many times grandfathers were hanged at "Mankato" the day after Xmas in 1862, & then the state of MN 'banned' Ndns from it - proudly.  Says, "the celebration of love is over, let's get back to bigotry & hanging Ndns".  Third, of recent years, "The Gimme Season" starts before the people have thanked The Great Holy for the year's bounty - thus actually saying, "Grateful?  Whazzat?!?  Just gimme more."

  I love Yule; the celebration of the light returning, the turning of the wheel of the year & its reminder that the cold, grey, damp, sometimes snowy / icy days that draaag on are not going to last.  Spring & the growing times will come.  That Yule is a season of hope.

  But the hypocrisy of 'Christmas' leaves me cold & out in the (spiritual) cold.  And let us not forget those miserable torturing out-of-tune bells by the red kettles..  The aural version of Chinese water torture.  I feel no guilt in passing them by.  I often put in ear plugs before going in so my ears & my sensitivities are not assaulted by that racket.  I hear 30% more than most people, so I'm more sensitive to 'racket'.

  Having said all that - in re Thanksgiving & The Feast - to us Traditional Ndns, every day is a day to give thanks.  The universe responds well to gratitude. 

  And if you are going to give gifts, you would do well to consider giving gifts that improve &/or protect & preserve health - zappers.  That's a gift that helps heal the Sacred Hoop, because as your zappers heal you & yours, your purchase helps us continue doing what we do.  O'kichiyapi - helping each other.  Pilamiyaye! / Thank you!  Wishing you great good happy health & success!

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Reader Comments  (3) | December 3rd 2012 at 1354542170

I enjoyed your blog as usual. You expressed, perfectly, my feelings about Christmas. Even as a little kid, I came away from Christmas wondering why all the hoopla. I get the birthday of Christ and celebrate it. It's the gimme, gimme, that befuddles me and leaves me totally depressed until December 26.

Now, having said all that . . . will you explain the meaning of "Ndn"? Is it a word, abbrevation or what? I ask only so that I can get to know you better.
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Mrs. Zapper | December 3rd 2012 at 1354546067

I disagree with the both comments above.

Thou, you're entitled to your opinions about Christmas but as a BUYER, I sure don't even consider BUYING from any seller that voices their "personal/ political or religious views" when they come to public marketplaces.

It denotes bad taste and possible aftermath repercussions of their own products for sell. This blog reminds me of "mosquito ZAPPERS" by sunbeam.

Makes you just want to slap or ZAP instantly! Merry Christmas!
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Controversial Carel   | December 3rd 2012 at 1354567482

Hanh, CatsMom - Ndn is the way we say what your culture calls "Indians". Long before the lost Italian came here to Turtle Island & brought all the devastation we've had since, "ndn" is the phonetic pronunciation of a word for The People, which is what most IndigenUs People's names for themselves mean. In short, one of the SW Peoples' word for their People sounds like "ndn". The Italian being as ignorant as a footprint, & as bigoted, called all of the IndigenUs Turtle Islanders he came across "Indians" because it never occured to him or his compatriots that they hadn't 'discovered' India or a shorter route to it. The people of the spice nation he was trying to get to named themselves from the Indus River. Another tale entirely (;-)

To "Mrs. Zapper" - you're entirely welcome to your opinions but having them, or expressing them doesn't make you right. As for bad taste - who elected you the arbiter of taste? I expect it would be 'you'. Which doesn't mean you're right, again. Difference of view are Constitutionally guaranteed.

Repercussions? You mean you would not buy our products? No loss.. there are dozens of fine, intelligent people possessed of far-more-honed sensitivity than you who will. No one has ever been universally loved - or even, liked - and no one product is desired by everyone. We don't expect to sell to everyone. We firmly believe in quality over quantity every time. I've led several companies to solid, satisfactory market niches over my lifetime with that attitude - & I have never sweated 'negative repercussions' from bigots or the dedicatedly insensitive over having expressed my beliefs or the facts that form them. In short, we sweat 'details', but never 'the small stuff'. Or small people.

I have no idea what or where "mosquito zappers" by sunbeam is, nor do I care. One of the great joys of the Constitution - over 85% of which comes from IndigenUs Turtle Islander Ways - is the freedom to shoot off your mouth however you choose - & the concomitant freedom by the rest of us to consider the source, & rise above it. Which is seldom difficult to do. (:-) So, Mrs. Zapper -

Happy solstice, Happy Yule, keep "Christmas" to yourself thank you - since it was your culture that hanged 38 Dakota Warriors - Patriots of Our Nation - in the largest mass execution ever done by the U.S. government .... the day after your great "love fest" was over.
And during that last week of the calendar year 1862, the state of MN declared itself to be the 1st state in the "U.S.A" that was "Ndn free". So much for your 'love fest'. Like gratitude, it appears people like you must reserve special days for it, and the rest of the time ugly attitudes have open season. Not so with us who are authentic Traditionals. Every day is suitable for 'love' & for 'gratitude'. And every day is a fine 'excuse' for a feast. Wishing you great good happy health! Admittedly, you won't get there by using our Zapper, because you're not the kind of people to whom we market. Just the same, Mitakuye oiasin..

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