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Take Amazon DOWN NOW

  My tiny company started selling on Amazon last year.  Our sales haven't been huge, but we've survived.  May 12 of this year, a customer in Deland, FL ordered 6 zappers from us. True to form, we shipped them the next shipping day (May 14, 2012) & he had them in 2 days, according to the USPS Delivery Confirmation Number we always gets so we can track shuipments.The USPS showed the package was delivered on May 16, 2012 @ 2:55 p.m.

  We pride ourselves on top quality & fast shipping.  We even include a little thank you gift with each order!

   Imagine our horrified surprise when he emailed us July 24, 2012 (2-1/2 months later) asking where his order was!  We replied immediately with the tracking number & information that came up when we clicked it..  Told him to click it, copy it, then contact his local PO, especially the carrier, who would tell him where the package was dropped off.  We heard nothing back until August 27th.

  August 27 2012, he emailed that he still hadn't gotten his stuff.  We asked by email what the carrier had said.  No reply.  A couple of days after that, we find an A-Z Guarnatee Claim against us from this customer!  $197++!

  Mad as hell, we emailed in the Response.  Amazon ignored our response & gave him his money back! - with no reply to us!

  I'm the Founder & CVO of the company so I emailed them with the Tracking Number & instructed them to give us our money back, as it is obvious the customer has not done his due diligence & appears to be lying.  Which, by the way, was our local PostMaster's first thought when we checked with him in July.  He has worked as a supervisor & manager at the PO for at least 30 years - if anyone should have a good feel for this, it would be him.  He's that rare exception to my belief about bureaucrats being inherently incompetent - he's bright, funny, & somehow has managed to stay that way despite 30+ years working for the USPS.

  Some idiot at Amazon (in the "Seller Help" section, no less!) emailed me, "it's Amazon policy not to take the word of its sellers for anything, including USPS Tracking Numbers".  I asked how a person could fake one of those; noted that obviously Amazon is too stupid to realize that Sellers are also Buyers; & we will see them in court.  No response.  Until...  I added to it with an additional email, & the response was "you signed off on such things".  I replied "Like Hell we did.  But since you aid & abet the customer in fraud, & there are laws about such things, much as I dislike having to repeat myself, we'll see you in court".  I asked if Amazon hires TMRs to do their "Seller Help", since it's apparent to us here that no person of even average intelligence could be as incredibly stupid as they are there.

  No response for a day; then an email that we are basically screwed, because Amazon has closed the case.  I got news for you, chickabiddys..  I copy everything to flash drive & stash copies all over Hell & gone.  See you in court, Amazon.  I really love taking down bullies.  And it's going to happen on the Internet.  See you in court, Amazon.  You're going to clean my toilet with a teaspoon & a toothbrush and pay me & my company a chunk of cash when we're finished.  You are not going to successfully bully me or Indian Maid Products Incorporated.  Hechetu ye.  Ctoh!

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