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Strange Perspectives on us Ndns

  I was going to put an ad on a radio program about amazon vs. Amazon, & a DJ wrote to me that he "wanted the negativity removed from what I said" and that "Otherwise, people will just think we're being mean".  Awwww!, babies..

  He also suggested we find someone who would help us write a blog about this.  Patronizing twit, he..  I replied that we have already been blogging this all over the Internet & I have blogged for a number of years. 

  I replied, "You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  There is no way to "remove the negativity" from the situation short of Amazon (a) changes its policies regarding us Sellers to reflect considerably more intelligent thought & fairness than they currently do; (b) apologizes publicly in a well-publicized manner to Indian Maid Products Inc, the Church it supports, and to all Amazon Sellers for its unconscionable behavior up to this point.  WE did not create this "negative" situation; Amazon did.  It is not to be expected that we who Sell on any web sales sites should automatically be willing to pay the site - or anyone else - to call us liars & to otherwise crap on us.  What idiocy is that?! 

  Moreover, it is a pollyanna perspective to claim that "Otherwise people will think we're just being mean".  I replied, "we are all past the 5-6-year-old perspective in this regard".  Well, I pray we all are!  I don't believe people are "that' flat-out stupid, & I don't want to come to believe it, either.

  So, takoszja (grandchildren) - you can find Indian Maid's Don Croft Zapper on:  Addoway, Bonanza, eBay, and eCrater - & soon, on our own specific domain for it - but not on Amazon, because Amazon emailed us (internally, but 'in writing' is what counts) that its policy is to never take the Sellers word for anything, or the USPS' word, either.  The first part is offensive and stupid; the second is both stupid and illegal.  We might want to ignore the federal government or 1 or more of its agencies, but the reality is, we can't..  We have to deal with them.  Therefore, Amazon does not have the freedom or the license to take whatever position it wants to & the government will follow along.  Not hardly!

  Amazon's policy regarding Sellers - that all Sellers lie, and all Buyers are truthful - is dumber than a footprint & completely illogical, if only because Sellers also Buy!  We cannot always be liars when we sell but truthful when we buy.

  Past that,  it is a blatantly offensive position to take, and it is blatantly offensive to expect us to follow along like sheep.  Not gonna happen; at least not with me & the rest of Indn Maid..  I am the woman who Dances The Four Winds - a prayer to heal the Sacred Hoop.  That means stopping bullies like Amazon.

  Since we have proof that the alleged buyer of the material that started this has been in prison since January 2009 and is expected to remain there until December of 2017, we also have proof that Amazon's policy encourages, promotes, and enables (felony) mail fraud.  Whether the alleged buyer is an active participant in a scam or not is irrelevant, & a matter for the USPS Inspectors to sort out.  Amazon's insistence on supporting its illogical insulting policy has placed it squarely on the side of promoting Internet crime against we who sell on the Internet and we of Indian Maid Products Inc or the Church we support aren't going to accept that.  Amazon's policy does not do anything to heal the Sacred Hoop. 

<<*>> For those who wonder what I said that was so 'negative' - It is, "....  You can find Indian Maids Don Croft Zapper on Addoway, Bonanza, eBay, and eCrater, but not on Amazon, because Amazon has written to us that its policy is to never take the Sellers word, or the USPS', for anything". ..."  Facts are facts, takoszja, and dislike of them will not change them one iota.  Mitakuye oiasin (All, my relatives)

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Reader Comments  (2) | October 5th 2012 at 1349440916

Well, IndianMaid, it appears your dander is up. Well written, concise and to the point, but my curiosity is biting me. Now for the rest of the story???????
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Controversial Carel | October 5th 2012 at 1349458436

Hanh! You need to read subsequent posts to get the rest of the story. It's still on going. And it's still tragicomedy. Or maybe the slapstick version of life. Whichever - or both - it's part of my Job as the woman who Dances The Four Winds, which is a prayer to heal the Sacred Hoop. Another installment will be up shortly. Pilamiyaye!

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