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Sit Down and Hang On!

Hanh mitakuyapi.  This post's subjects all come under the heading of, "I don't believe it!"

  Was going thru a supermarket in Bismarck yesterday & signs on the fresh-meat case included, "Fresh-Ground Lamb - $13/lb" - and "Fresh Lamb Chops - $16 / lb."  Now if only the producers got that kind of money.  Duwahleh! / (!!QQ!!)

  Then there's the supervisor of 1 of my brothers' tale:  Randy went to see his daughter in Williston, ND, (center of the oil boom here) last weekend.  Before he went up, he promised her they'd get some steaks & grill.  She said, "Um, Dad..  meat's getting kind of high here.."  but gave no details.  When they went to the supermarket, "kind of high" translated to $28 / lb.  He bought it because he 'promised' his daughter, but next time he says he'll buy steaks over here & take them along.

  Now we get to when he started home.  He's in construction, he's a supervisor, he keeps records automatically.  He went to pay for gas with his credit card & was told that not only would he have to pay up front (that has only just begun, here, & isn't everywhere..), he was limited to $40 worth of gas because he used a credit card.  And gas in the center of 'the oil patch' is $6-something / gallon.  He stopped at several stations until he had enough gas to get to someplace where gas was closer to normal price in ND - $3.80-something a gallon.  My bet is, next time, he'll carry extra gas in cans.. ;-)

  Just about the time I think I know how blatantly greedy people can be, I hear another story from the oil 'boom'.  And this 'boom mentality' is spreading across the state.  What a pity!

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Esso | May 23rd 2013 at 1369372087

Ok! | May 24th 2013 at 1369400635

This is a dumb question . . . but what do State representatives say??????? That $40 limit on credit card gas sounds almost like gas stations are gougeing and trying to hide it.
indianmaidproducts | May 29th 2013 at 1369877489

So far, not a word. The legislative session has ended - it only happens in odd-numbered years in ND, for 80 days. State Constitution says so. But when I asked the former head of ND tourism when 'we' were going to do something about rampant greed & gouging in ND, he didn't say a word - just pursed his mouth & squirmed. Which says a great deal by itself, doesn't it...

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