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Patronizing Idiots Abound, it seems

  And last but not least, today - ladies, sharpen your skinning knives.  Because I'm single, female, Indn & I live alone in the country, some of the local racist rocket scientists have the idea that I would welcome 'visits' from them.  "Visit" is a vernacular local term for "we're going to bed whether you want to or not".  You read it right..  'rape'.
  Our current sheriff is a piece of useless trash who has fondled several women in his department, who are afraid to file formal papers "because our husbands will kill Sheriff Shipman & then we won't have our husbands".  I told them their defence is "vermin control" & "justifiable homicide" - no jury here would convict any man for taking out this slime..  but so far, none of them has the brass to file.  Pity.  "But wait - there's more!"..

  Because our sheriff is worthless as a human & as a sheriff, when I eventually had a break-in, not only did the first deputy not want to do anything about it, the 2nd one didn't either..  and the sheriff was overheard to say, "If J... (friend with offical clout) comes by to bother me about that Indn woman again, tell him I'm not in".

  So - I keep a collection of shootin' 'machines', again - only the varmints I would use them on have 2 legs, not 4.  And yes, I sure as shootin' will shoot if I decide I need to.  No hesitation, no apologies, no remorse, and no question would I hit my target.  I'm an excellent marksmn.

  Being as my nearest neighbors are cattle, with whom I get along fine - and their owner, with whom I also get along fine, I don't want to use a shotgun because of noise, and I don't want to use a rifle because I don't want to risk hurting the cattle should a shot somehow go wide.  Or thru some idiot who came to 'visit' me.  So I prefer paintball pistols.  You can do a lot of damage with 1 if you know where to aim, and you leave the idiot you 'shot', marked by the paint.  As in, "in the skin".

  I wanted to get a different paintball pistol from the one I carry most & wrote to a dealer of one I'm interested in, online.  In the course of getting info, this idiot wrote to me, "I'm sorry you're having problems.  Couldn't you just move to where no one will bother you?"  (And where might that be, you ask..  I did not ask.)
  Then he said, "It appears you plan to use this pistol to possibly harm someone who is trying to break in to your home, and these are dangerous - especially if used that way, when someone you aim at is not wearing protection, so I could not in good conscience sell you one."  He wrote that.  "In good conscience".  Stupid ass..

  I replied, "In every situation, each of us is either part of the solution or part of the problem.  You have just said you side - "in good conscience" - with rapists.  You damned right I plan to use the pistol to (definitely) harm some cretin who is trying to get into my home to rape me.  And no apologies, either, you shitforbrains..  Actually, that last adjective would be a step up for you.
  You have no conscience, let alone a good one..  and luckily, there are many dealers of this model of paintball pistol, so your 'conscience' not letting you sell me one is of no consequence. 

  I will be sure to pray for you to have intense educational experiences to teach you the error of your perspective..  and that you reincarnate as a female who is on the receiving end of your 'conscience'.  No reply.  No surprise.  No loss.

  Just about the time I think I've heard every stupid remark a human can make, some patronizing idiot makes a new one..  like this dealer did.  Meanwhile, I have to fill the extra magazines for my (paintball) pistol..  Keep smiling!

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