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Miss Vetter & Tuberoses

  After Wilbur Kent hied himself back to the wilds of NYC, the school system had a problem, in that it had no one to oversee the orchestra - unless Miss Vetter did it.  I found myself in the surprising (to me) position of a teacher coming to me & asking me to help her!

  She was one of those birdy women who sings at people constantly.  But she had a very good voice, so overall, it wasn't a big annoyance.  It was kind of endearing, even to us kids.  We made fun of her, but not viciously.  She didn't sing the day she asked me for help, though.

  She explained to me that I had considerably more power than I realized, and when I left the student orchestra, it got the other kids to see that they had some power, too.  The power coming from making choices.  She told me she needed me to come back into the orchestra, so the rest of the kids would come back.  She said if I didn't, she would lose her job, & that she dearly loved her job & us kids.  I told her I knew she did love her job, & us kids.  She told me that the kids who really loved to make music would suffer, too, because there weren't enough of them to make an orchestra, & there were too many of them to make an ensemble.

  I told her that as long as I didn't have to practice more than 30 minutes a day, & would be playing for fun, I'd come back.  She was so happy, she got misty.  She hugged me - not something I was used to - & thanked me, & we got the word out that I was coming back to the orchestra & hoped the other kids would come back, too.  They did.  Nearly all of them.  And we had a fun year.

  Toward spring, Miss Vetter came to me with some bulbs & asked if I would like to learn about gardening with her.  The bulbs were Mexican tuberoses & she said they smelled heavenly when they bloomed.  I said OK, & we grew them in pots in her music room.  She was right.  They do smell heavenly when they bloom.  I've grown them ever since, and sent Miss Vetter good thoughts, wherever she is in the spirit world.   

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