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International Business

Hanh!  Most of the time, I love international business.  Except for 2-3 countrys, anyway..  Spain & (now) Portugal.  And behind them, on occasion, Greece.

  I / We get to meet all kinds of interesting people & learn about their cultures.  The whiteman's culture here in the US gives everyone fits, it seems - until you get to Spain & Portugal - & to a lesser extent, Greece.  Our experiences tell us it is no wonder these 3 are having huge problems financially.  Their economic systems aren't working - in part because their bureaucracys &/or Customs people don't work.

  In the case of Customs of Spain & Portugal, they simply hold onto incoming shipments (more or less 6 weeks); stonewall their citizens with repeat requests for the same information repeatedly & so keep them from getting the shipments; then send the shipments back to us, wasting time ( 6 - 8 weeks! ) and money (for USPS Express International shipments, just under $50 USD) . 

  Greece has a similar problem, except there, their bureaucrats try to tell everyone how to run their businesses, even though they have no knowledge of all the businesses there are.  Although so far they haven't held shipments & then sent them back.  Then these countrys 'leaders' wonder (out loud...) why they have such monumental unemployment & in all 3 countrys, people rioting.  Jeeeh, big mystery!...

  Takoszja in all 3 countrys, if you had all the answers, you'd have no problems  with your financial systems & economys.  Nor would you have people leaving your countrys or rioting....  Even a block of wood could figure this out..  and yet you claim to be 'the only' animals that think.  It's time you begin showing signs of doing it!

  Meantime, we pray for the fine people we have met in all countrys, with special prayers added for those in the above 3 countrys who are striving to survive despite the efforts of their public servants to stymy them (and everyone else).  George Bernard Shaw hit the nail squarely on the thumb when he said "Civil servants are neither civil nor servants".  Well, in some countrys, anyway.  ;-)

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