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  There's a bill before the ND Senate right now that would provide for display of the National flags of the 5 Indn Nations (Reservations) in ND.  Reservations are Nations, btw.  We are superior in law to state governments; our primary legal level is with the Federal government.  "Jurisdiction" is a common word in Indn Country, & is responsible for the mishmash of laws regarding us, along with the vast majority of the confusion.

  How-ev-er - when this bill came up for hearing before Senate Political Subdivisions Committee last week, Committee action on it was  delayed!  The 'reason"?  One or more Committee members - apparently including the current Chair, felt that "displaying the Indn flags in the House, Senate, & Supreme Court Chambers would possibly diminish the (stature of the) US & State flags".  How's that for racism, takoszja?

  Examining this bit of offensiveness, we find that - The State flag is already 'diminished' in stature, by law.  Reservations are superior in legal standing to States.  Period.  Hechetu ye / End of discussion.  And since the US flag and the Native Nations are on equal legal footing, in law, hanging our flags can't 'diminish' it's stature, either.  Duwahleh!  We need not ask how 'dumb' some people are - it's obvious, from the initial remark.

  The current proposal is "to find one place to hang the Indn flags, off by themselves".  Right.  Such as a closet, perhaps?  Up in the ND Indn Affairs Commission Office - where they already hang, and no one sees them unless they happen to go to the Indn Affairs Commission Office.

  And this grahdoo is expressed by supposedly intelligent & enlightened elected officials in 2013. Jeeeeh!  I'll keep you posted.

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Reader Comments  (2) | February 9th 2013 at 1360416188

Compared to the current US Federal Administration, it does not seem to me that you, as an Indian Nation, are any worse off than the rest of us. I do not mean to diminish your standing, or problems, as a separate Nation.

It just seems we're all screwed! I pray the current President keeps his hand out of Indian Affairs. So far it seems to have escaped his attention.
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Controversial Carel | February 9th 2013 at 1360432295

I don't have a big problem with much of what the current administration is oriented to w regard to us. Have a huge problem w his allowing the knotheads in the Pentagon to nickname that slime Bin Laden "Geronimo". Have another huge problem with Mr. O stating that he can send drones to kill anyone anywhere any time... including us in our own land... that's not the image we all had of him in the past. The rumor has been out for decades that the nut cases in the White House staff / legion persuade all Presidents to take drugs in order to survive the brutal schedule required of a President. This latest remark is so out of line with past stances, it makes me think the rumors are true. IF they are, that is past 'sad'!

As for keeping his hand out of Indn Affairs - we have far more to be concerned with from Republicans than Democrats. Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Grant - to name a hand full - were all Whigs or Republicans. ALL wrote that our cultures are far superior to the Euro-American, "but if Indns won't assimilate, they MUST BE ANNIHILATED".... Ditto Eisenhower, who came up with Termination, and Harding (TeaPot Dome scandal), and, I believe Coolidge (IRA 1934, which 'gave' {forced} us to welfare as lifestyle & diabetes, etc, etc)

EVERY time the budget comes up, Republicans eliminate all educational funding for Indns, from Head Start to Colleges & the Democrats fight like Hell to put it back. The Republicans wail & beat their chests about welfare & having to pay for it, at the same time. A no-brainer for sure. I could go on - you get the idea.

Nixon is the only Republican who ever did one blessed thing for us. No clue why he Loved us, but he did. The rest of his Presidency should have been impeached, as we all know.

Locally, we have the Pick-Sloan Dam(n) Project, which stole over 250,000 acres of sacred land, of grave yards, or our best ag lands, from us.. Find the book 'Dammed Indians' & find the photo of the signing of the Pick-Sloan Agreement.

In that photo, you will see an Indn man in a suit, short hair, crying as if his heart were breaking. It WAS. That is George Gillette, then the Tribal Chair of the Three Affiliated Tribes - the Mandan-Hidats-Arikara Nation. White call it "the Fort Berthold Reservation" - of course, after an Indn-slaughterer.

If you enlarge the photo of the signing - you will eventually see that one of the line of Stern-Faced Men standing at the back is holding a revolver. Those 'men' are US Marshalls, & they had strict orders to shoot & kill any Indn Chair who refused to sign the 'Agreement' that made the damming of the "Missouri" River occur.

George is the father of a friend of mine - Austin Gillette - who told me this. Austin was a tribal council member for 25 or so years; a tribal chair for 1 term; is now the head of the Trust Lands office for this area of the Plains.

THE DAY I told this story to a ND Legislative Committee in testimony on a bill, the picture came down & hasn't been displayed since. Hechetu ye.

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