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Happy New Year!

Hanh!  Have had a busy time since early October 2012, so for anyone who enjoys my ramblings, that's why.

  A dear friend's wife suddenly got 'migraines' & no one could get her to go to the doctor for diagnosis. DAMNED shame, because 60-year-old otherwise-healthy ladies don't suddenly begin getting migraines unless there's Something Else Seriously Wrong.  Sometimes I wish I weren't so nearly always right..

  She was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain & lung cancer after we finally got her to go to the doctor.  I really liked this lady; we were good friends, having bonded over my love of ....  Giant Zucchini (which is a separate tale).  Since I Keep & Carry a Holy Pipe (properly called a Ch'annunpa), I was asked to do ceremony to see if we could heal her.  After all, if western (sophomoric) medicine had all the answers, it would have all the cures.  Things went well for about 3 weeks.

  Then the MD talked her into chemo, & she went downhill as if she were on a greased sled, & she died December 6.  I sure have seen a lot of friends pass on at Yule & Winter Solstice...  Not a cheerful thought.

  Since then, I've been doing ceremony to shore up the family, especially her spouse, since he had 'a lifelong affair with a married woman - his wife'.  All marriages should be so lucky, anneh?  Hanh.

  Around that, business has been considerably 'Up', our Internet connection disappeared & we haven't been able to resurrect it, and I haven't had time to blog much.  So if you missed my posts - Pilamiya ota ye!  I'll try to do better this year.

  Right now, I'm getting ready for memorials for my dear friend Karen & my Ate' (father), who passed 2 days apart at Winter Solstice 2011.  I love the festivals of light, to bring back the warmth of the Sun, but I am not a fan of winter, & this tendency of too many of my loved ones to go walking on Ch'ankhu Wakhan - the Spirit Road - at this time of year doesn't help.

  For anyone who has loved ones walking to South now - which is the 13 lunar months from the date they passed on - it may comfort you to know that if you look up & see Ch'ankhu Wakhan, which the majority culture calls "the Milky Way", the misty lights are the souls of the loved ones walking to South, which is where our souls come from when we are born, & go back to when we die.  The bright lights are the campfires of those who are walking to South.  Mitakuye oiasin - All (are) my relatives.


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