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Duwahleh! 2016 Already?!?

Hanh! Hello! I know - it's been awhile.  OK, a long while.

Have been: developing 2 new versions of our electronic pain / parasite killer commonly called "a zapper".
  There's the Revitalizer, which looks just like the original Basic zapper on the outside, but has a neodymium magnet inside the case at each terminal, for the added power of magnetic healing.
  Then there's The Annihilator, which is built on the original Basic Zapper but which as 4 terminals on 2 sets of 3-foot-long leads, with a neodymium magnet in each terminal, so you can put the power of this electromagnetic treatment method right where you want it, while the Little Black Box is somewhere else - more convenient - on your body.

  Have also been: battling a collection of crooks who have been depriving people of their civil rights under color of law - a federal felony offense - for decades.  Seems like 'everyone else' is afraid of these goons.  They came after me, with the help of a crooked judge, and they won a round, but we're not finished.  I'm about the worst enemy they could have.  I don't know "quit".  Am now searching for suitable law firm from outside ND, since even the ND Bar Assn's "lawyer finder service" people said, "good luck!"..  Which is a sad commentary on the state of the law in ND.

  The crooked judge said in court, she has no problem with causing damage to a Church, to enabling theft from a Church, or even with destroying a Church.  She's welcome to her atheism - she has a Constitutional Right - but she does not have a Constitutional Right to damage others.  I get all warm and fuzzy inside at the thought of a crooked judge in a prison.  She'll have a half-life of about a pico-second; which will serve her right.

  And the Board & I are searching for property, since we are not "city people" & neither is Indian Maid or the non-Xtian Church it supports.  Since the oil boom bombed again, land prices are coming down to something closer to realistic.  Need tons of prayers and money just the same, if anyone cares to help us.

  Thanks for listening!  And for honoring us with your business!  Cheers!

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