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Dakota 38 + 2

Hanh!  I believe I have spoken before about the hanging of the 38 Dakota warriors - & later, of 2 more - ordered by President Lincoln to appease whites in MN for the uprising of the Dakota because our People were starving & suffering disease & freezing because of white bigots' stealing from us (again).

  Originally approximately 300 Dakota warriors (patriots, hear..) were to be hanged, but President Lincoln had the list reviewed & eventually, there were only 2 men's names on it that could be clearly seen to be behind the uprising, and therefore considered 'fair game' for killing by the US government.

  Mr. Lincoln said this was too small a number & ordered his reviewers to find more, on the premise that if only 2 were killed, his party, the Whigs (later became the Republicans), would lose the next election.  The result was the list of the 38, and 2 more were added later.  One of them was one of my grandfathers & of the original 38, 5 were also my grandfathers.  (For the picky out there, we Ndns don't keep track of 'grand', great-grand', etc.  You people gild lilies; we do not.)

  A few years ago, a man named Jim Miller was given a vision about a ride for reconcilliation & this ride will begin again this year, on December 10.  You can learn more about this ride at .  Not everything in the video they have produced is as my grandmother & uncles taught me, but the ride is worth your support.  We of Indian Maid Products Inc & the Church of the Helping Hand Inc have added this ride to our list of causes that we support, so any purchases you make of zappers will eventually support the ride, too.  Wishing you great good happy health and success!

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