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Battle of the Greasy Grass

Hanh mitakuyapi / Hello my relatives.  Today is the 140th anniversary of the Battle of the Greasy Grass, at which that miserable slime George Armstrong Custer got what he had coming to him.  Well, close - he suicided rather than let us Ndn women have at him for his depredations against our Peoples.  Coward.. 

  He & his brother Tom snatched Ndn babies from their mothers' arms, threw them in the air & caught them on their bayonettes as they fell, shouting, "Nits make lice!"  In North Dakota, there is a huge amount of "memorialization" of Custer.  There is also, not surprisingly, a huge amount of anti-Ndn bigotry in ND.    There is in every state with a substantial "officially recognized" Ndn population.  Where equlity is 'guaranteed' to all citizens, which includes us, since the Snyder Act of 1924 & President Coolidge....

  In ND, nearly every historic site is named after Ndn-slaughterers - Custer, Sibley, Sulley, & so on.  And predictably, apologists either try to claim "they weren't 'that' bad" or "what they did wasn't 'that' bad" or they try to shush me completely.

  My question is, "how bad is 'bad enough'?"  What they did sounds horrendous to me.

  Tom Custer is documented as observing that Ndn babies "made sounds that were almost like human's" when he bayonetted them.

  I love the Internet, because it gives access to a wider audience with less chance for such idjits to keep the truth quiet(er).  What I post here I also post on other sites - or can.  This drives bigots nuts.  It has brought the feebs (FBIs) to my doorstep more than once, 'demanding' that I tell them where I'm publishing whatever they're objecting to at the moment "so they can take it down".  I spend a great deal of time & energy laughing at them.  In person.  I'm responsible to The Holy Ch'annunpa ("Prayer Pipe"); not any government.  And even less to bullies like them.

  So today, Ndns across this Turtle Island are celebrating the Battle of the Greasy Grass.  I rattle my tongue for us!


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