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(Another) One for Ripley

  Back in February, I & 2 associates decided we had to order more electronic sub-assemblies & assorted parts from our main supplier in China.  Murphy got a ticket to ri-i-ide (sing the Beatles song) on this one...  Instead of maybe a month or 6 weeks, it took 3.5 months to put it all together.

  Our contact there is a delightful lady who works very hard for us & she & I have become friends - especially since she told me she was going home to wait the last month before delivering her baby which I had no clue about until that email....  but that she was going to keep after our order from home, right up until she went to hospital to deliver.  Not many women here would do that...  She did.

  She had a girl.  The weather in China suddenly got very hot right after the delivery, and if you listen to the radio, the atmosphere in China is very polluted, so she & the girl don't go out much just now.  Between the heat & the air pollution, it's just hard on our friend.

  The order finally came & this time, "to help a particular associate learn what it takes to put an order together", I got talked into shipping to him.  I was not in favor of the idea.  What followed was 11 days of uproar because, as I predicted, he had a hissy when he found out he would have to tally all of the parts in this 3,240-base part order.  (If you're efficient, it takes 3-4 hours to do it.  If you're not...)

  And this guy is a wailer.  In Lakhota, we call such people "poor cows" (based on a cultural tale).  So we have gone thru a Bunch of wailing; I finally hit the roof & ripped some skin off him verbally for not following Simple Instructions to make the sorting easier & far faster, he's sulking...  and when I put together some of the new printed circuit boards, I found that the factory had made an error & substituted a part of far too small value in one spot.  A critical one, of course.

  Memorial Weekend hit so Internet access is about zero unless you pay thru the nose to have it 'in house' - which we don't..  when we're told it will cost "thousands" to get it to us.  My Momma did not raise any stupid Ndns..  Meanwhile, I drove 50 miles to find a wifi site, emailed our dear contact in China, she's now having fits because the Chinese HATE losing face, & she hasn't been able to figure out how this happened.  Several possibilities exist, all of the avoidable variety.

  I found a US supplier who says they have 1/8-watt tiny resistors we can hand-solder in to replace the oven-soldered wrong one - which (a) takes time, so (b) costs more money, and (c) requires all of us to use our eagle eyes to solder in the replacements.  Someone in China is going to be on the hot seat....  and people wonder why I get grumpy.  Duwahleh!  It's going to get better..  I keep chanting that.. ;-)

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