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(All) Indns Drink (Alcohol) OR Who Are All Those People in Beer Commercials? Not us Indns!

  Last evening, I stopped at a building supply to check out the cost of some tools I've been thinking of buying.  On the way out, I bought a bottle of "Ravin Red" soda.  It's cranberry & cherry flavored.  it comes in a brown bottle.

  A few miles away there is a Wal-Mart with a Subway.  Chakli (dog) & I stopped to get a sandwich for dinner.  Before I left the pickup, I finished off the soda because otherwise it would be warm when I got back.  I put the cap on the bottle & put the empty in the back of the pickup.

  As I approached the pickup after getting the sandwich, I saw a Bismarck PD squad sitting behind it.  My first thought was, "Crap! Another stupid call about a dog in the pickup."  Then I thought, "Nah.. it's only 73F."  Then I thought, I have a big bundle of dill & another of a Traditional treatment for asthma in there - maybe some dummy called about "possible drugs in the pickup".  There are people that stupid up here..

  Then the squad moved off, so I ignored it & got in the pickup.  Chakli & I greeted each other & I was starting to give him a bit of sandwich when a female voice said, "Hi..  Got a minute?"  When I turned to answer, there was a little bit of a female....  cop.  Her partner was a 6-ft-tall man.  She was in her 20s, I think; & he was about 50.  My feeling then & now is that she's a rooky & he's her trainer. 

  Anyway, I asked what they wanted & she said, "Wellll, we had a report that there was an I.. um. a person, drinking in this pickup here."  I gave her & the male officer A Look.  She was distinctly uncomfortable; he was smiling.  I'm well-known - I think I was being used for training.  Regardless - I said, "Me? Drinking what?" She wiggled..  he was biting a smile..  I said, "Al-co-hol?  Me??" 

  They both blushed a bit & she said, "Wellll..  yes."  I said, "Not me! And I laughed."  She looked uncomfortable.  He was still biting off a smile.  Then I thought about the bottle.  And the fact that 'drinking' means "to consume a liquid", so I said, "Actually, I was drinking."  (She looked confused - he looked cautious.)  I said, "But not alcohol."  She looked more confused, so I said, "Ravin Red soda from Menards.  Really hot stuff!"  And I waggled my eyebrows.

  Then she said, "Um..  Do you happen to have a driver's license?"  I gave them both an arch-brow look & said, "Of course I do!"  She asked if she could see it.  I squinted 1 eye at both of them & said, "If there's a good reason, sure.  If it's just about pro-fil-ing, I'll argue with you about it."  She blushed; he chuckled.  She backed off.

  So then I decided to have a skosh of pity on her & I said, "Just a minute."  I slid down out of the pickup, reached in the back & took out the empty & showed it to her.  She blushed & said, "That would do it!  A brown bottle."  The male cop blushed & chuckled.  I said, "when you came up you said you had a report of "an I... a person".  Did you start to say "An Indn"?  She started to nod, caught it, & just gave me the big-blank-stare, then she shifted around uncomfortably.  The male officer bit his lip hard.  He was staring at the back of her ponytail like he'd never seen one before.

  Having a raft of children & grandchildren, I arched an eyebrow at her, then at him, & said, "An In-di-an?  Hmmm?"  Lots of blushing from our folks in blue.  The male officer chuckled.  She looked really embarrassed - which is good.  They should be.  And ashamed..  Profiling is disgusting & offensive.

  I said, "if we dug around in here, we could probably find a half-dozen or so of them, along with a couple of Orange Dreamin empties".  She said, "No, that's OK.  We're sorry we bothered you."

  I said, "If it were me, I think I'd stick around a few minutes & have a serious talk with the white gal who called you.  Unless I'm wrong, she parked 2 slots west of me.  And if you turn slowly toward the building, you'll see her hiding behind a vehcile about 12 slots over.  You know - about things like bigotry, prejudice, & making false police calls.  Shake her up a bit."

  The officers saw her..  & the female officer said, "We could do that.  Thank you!"  I said, "You're welcome."  Then in a sarcastic tone I said, "All Indians drink!  Right.  So - who are all those people in beer commercials?!  Not us!"  And I got in the pickup.  Both officers said, "Ouch!" in an embarrassed tone, wished me a good night, & left to their squad. 

  The gal I believe put this stupidity in motion came out of her hiding place, & last I saw, the officers were talking to her.  I doubt they did anything to her, but it sure is 'something' that bigots exist yet today..  in the "Age of Enlightenment".  Isn't it..



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RedHeadedGypsy | September 2nd 2012 at 1346630024

Just another form of bullying. This time you were the victim.
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Controversial Carel | September 3rd 2012 at 1346695410

Not a victim for long.. ;-) You could hear the cops blush when I said that, & the body language of the woman who made the original complaint was priceless. Cops generally don't have much tolerance for being embarrassed.. and she really suckered them. I laughed all the way down the road.

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