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Hanh!  Good to see you again!

  Recently I was at an event & it seemed like "everyone" was carrying on about" this being the "Christmas" season".  It is not "the Christmas Season"-  yet, & we non-Xtians see this continual carrying on about it being the Xtian season as another effort by missionaries to put a claim on time & then on (more) souls.  Strikes me that it's a form of spiritual vampire-ism.

  So - to put things in proper perspective relative to calendars & seasons of the year -

  From December 1 thru roughly December 22 of the Julian calendar, this is either the Yule Season (early on) or the Winter Solstice Season.  "Christmas" isn't until December 24 & 25 on the Julian calendar.  After which, of course, it's back to regular old-style bigotry, hanging Ndns - especially those of us who are IndigenUs patriots who fight for our Ways and our Nations....  Until December 31-January 1 when the majority culture celebrates its calendar year change.  (Has nothing to do with holi-days, note..)  And this year, a return to roughly 1995-1996, when the majority culture government of the Caucasians threw us all over a fiscal cliff.  Hmm..  Not a good image from where this Ndn sits.  More on that later.

  Yule is a dyed-in-the-wool Pagan celebration.  It's about the light of the Sun(god) returning to warm the earth.  It's from the Celts (the land became, roughly England & Ireland).  There are lots of stories about how it 'really' was back then, but the only common thread I know of is that for Yule, a big log, said by some to be birch, others to be pine or cedar, not that it matters; was hitched to a team of fast horses, then lit on fire, & the (now-terrified) horses were turned loose to race across the countryside, preferably over hilltops, spreading light.  I think of thatched cottages of the time & wonder how many of them were set on fire by those terrified horses chased by that big burning log.  Hmm..

  We IndigenUs Turtle Islanders didn't celebrate Yule here, of course.  And when horses returned to this land, we certainly wouldn't try to terrify beings we see as Sacred.  But we did live according to a stellar - lunar calendar, and we did ceremonies to welcome back the Sun & its warmth.  We did not live in terror of our next breath, contrary to popular myths current for the past 500 or so years.  We lived cautiously & respectfully with our environments.  Modern majority culture sorts would do well to learn to do so.  We might not have global warming & species going extinct at terrifying rates.

  I & others of similar orientation will be doing ceremony December 21 this year again..  Not to try to placate the spirits, as the missionaries claim, but to remind them we need their help & to welcome them to help us surive this College of Hard Knocks.  To guide us to live "in a good way".  As we have done for the past several-thousand years, since long before the Xtians decided that "carrying" a message 'had' to be done by terroriziing & brutality.  How at odds that is with the message of the Rabbi, who talked about love & peaceful coexistence.  A message ignored by Caucasians of the majority culture of the "United" States of "America" as they gave-gave-gave & gimmed-gimmeed-gimmed - & got ready to hang 38 Dakota men whose worst 'fault' was to go to war to help their people not starve &/or freeze to death when the people of the USA broke their word "again" & refused to honor the Treaties.  Think about that, takoszja....  Happy Yule & Happy Solstice.  Be warm & well & walk in a good way - showing respect for all around you.

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