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Hanh mitakuyapi.  I am always suspicious of polls claims because (a) the field of the poll is never told (age, race, gender, urban - big or small, rural..); (b) they are used as if they were 'guaranteed' to be accurate in their results.  Heck, even the way the questions are put can skew the results.

  So when the anti-gun nuts were ranting about polls 'showing' that '90% of Americans want stronger gun restrictions', my red flags were flying in a strong wind.  And last week, I got proof that the anti-gun crazies are lying about that 90%.  

  I save my 'sent' files.  I was contacted by several groups claiming that BS 90% referred to above, and expecting I would sign their petitions automatically based on their supposed poll results.  Instead, I emailed them all & said I will never sign any such petition and I absolutely have no patience with people who attack the Constitution and/or Its Bill of Rights.

 A few days later, I get emails from ND's Democrat Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, explaining to me how she justifies voting "NO!" (rightly, I note) on gun restrictions that attack the Constitution and/or Its Bill of Rights.

  Seems those organizations I raised Hell with about their stupid petitions and their attacks on the Constitution signed my name to their petitions, even though I did not click the appropriate link on their emails.  Ever.

  In short, they lied.  Just like they have lied about those poll results.  

  Then one crazy from one of those organizations screamed at and about me on Twitter - & said, "Yeah, we signed your name for you - bcs ur too dumb to do it urself".  They called me 'dumb'?  After admitting they committed fraud in front of millions of Twitter users?  Duwahleh!

  It's enough to make a person ponder First Amendment Rights restrictions.  For at least a second.. ;-)  Meanwhile, I continue to email Heidi about it.  And post blogs like this one.

  Remember, takoszja, we Ndns know better than anyone else on this Turtle Island what happens when the government & thugs have guns & The People don't - massacres.  E.g., Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Killdeer Mountain - to name a few.  And various Trails of Tears.  

  Or, if you don't like that our holocaust is still going on, consider the Poles and/or the Jews of WWII.  My first ex-'s grandfather was shot in his kitchen, in front of his children, by SS troopers when he argued that he should keep his ancient shotgun to protect his farm against predators.  He said 1 sentence to that effect & the SS said nothing, they simply shot him.  His son, my first ex-'s father, was there.

  Don't bother trying to give me that crap about 'it couldn't happen here'.  It has.  Lots.

  Keep in mind that when the Orlando FL PD ran ads in the early 1990s telling women that if they would buy a handgun & sign up for lessons given by the Orlando PD, there would be benefits.  They expected 500 women to do it.  5000 women signed up the first week.  Many extra instructors had to be hired!  And the rate of violent crime against women in that area dropped by 97% in 3 months.

  NO universal background checks!  We who keep & enjoy guns are NOT 'automatically' either mentally unbalanced or criminals.  We do, however, have quieter neighborhoods, overall.... OK, except for the occasional 'bang'.  

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