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About Politics in North Dakota

Hanh!  I am a politically-active Ndn.  Partly it's my nature and partly it's because the spirits that attend my Ch'annunpa & obaghi (sacred commitment) want me to be.  I did hanblecheya (crying through the night, generally wrongly called 'vision quest' by the majority culture) to see where I should go first as I walked with the Holy Pipe, I saw the ND state capitol building.  My response was "Nooo!"  Not that it mattered.  ;-)

  Since I expressed opinions in a good way, and was immediately effective, there, I attracted adversaries and supporters, of course.  Among the bigots we can count, the then-Lt. Governor, Jack Dalrymple (now the governor); and state Senators Randall Christmann, Tim Flakoll, and Dwight Cook(ed), among others.

  By the end of the 1997 Session, Randy Christmann 'warned' me that my opinions were 'upsetting some important people' and I 'should be careful about that'.  I ignored him.  Of course.  Watchfully, but considering the source & rising above it.

  Now Randy Christmann is running for the Public Service Commission.  He had been Assistant to the Senate Majority Leader, but that man died and the Lt. Gov. became the governor, so the power structure within the ND Republican party changed greatly.  Randy didn't want to go back to being 'just a senator', so....

  But people need to know that he not only warned me my first year but subsequent ones, and eventually tried to 'order' me 'not to do any business in the State of North Dakota'.  Hahahahaha,,,,

  And he did it while standing under a gigantic banner that proclaimed,
                                       "WELCOME, NORTH DAKOTA CITIZENS!"
                             "TO YOUR NORTH DAKOTA CITIZEN LEGISLATURE!"
  Which of course I pointed out to him.  While smirking.  Specifically to irk the jerk, jerk-irking being a great hobby of mine.  He was not amused.

  He did ask how I was managing to survive, since "we" had blacklisted me to every employer in the state..  and was stunned when I replied, 'The Internet!  My web site brings in enough business to keep me!"  He blurted out, "That's impossible!  We control everything in ND!"  And I smiiiiled and said, "Not quite, Randy.  God bless the Internet."  And I walked away.  He snarled, "You'll get yours someday, you know."  To which I replied, "Not TOday, Randy."

  So now you know.  And there's more..  Come back to read on..  ;-)

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Reader Comments  (1) | October 17th 2012 at 1350476822

I absolutely love your blogs. Good for you for standing up to the sleaze bag. Sounds as if he needed his toes stepped on a little bit. I hope you didn't cripple the putz

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