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About Bullying

  There was a piece on National Public Radio about bullying & its effects on the bullied.  I can't help but wonder - have the subjects of bullying changed since I was a kid?

  Given the huge problem with obesity & sedentary-ness in young people today, do obese kids still get called ugly things?  When I was a kid, they did.

  Are kids with thick eyeglass lenses still called "4 Eyes"?

  What are the subjects of bullying today and have they changed since I was a kid (at which time, guys were running around in iron suits, rescuing damsels). 

  Anybody out there remember the song "Harper Valley PTA"?  Are kids heckled because their mothers are bed-hoppers?  They were when I was a kid.

  And then there's - is there as much bullying today as there was "in the old days" - or are people just wussier now, so they wail about it more?  It seems to me that when I was a kid, it was pretty rare for a kid to commit suicide over bullying.  That could be just an illusion - such things were covered up more back then.  But back then, kids tended to just become loners.  They didn't get guns & shoot people - unless things were Pretty Horrible.  There were degrees of bullying back then.  There don't seem to be, now. 

  I have always been of the view, "Take no shit.  Make no excuses."  And I don't accept excuses today, either.  Explanations are one thing; excuses entirely different.  Explaining why you did a thing or why you did it the way you did it says you take responsibility for what you did.  Trying to make an excuse for that thing is whining & not taking responsibility.  A great difference.

  People should think about that.

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Reader Comments  (4) | September 2nd 2012 at 1346588539

I like your blog and your attitude. Whether things are different today or not, I don't know. I don't have anyone close who has children in school. But, from the news, it seems more parents jump in to make excuses for what little Johnny did, rather that make little Johnny own up to his bad behavior. Schools turn a blind eye to children's mis-behavior for fear of upsetting parents. All of it together is a no-win situation just waiting to lunge out of control.
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Controversial Carel | September 2nd 2012 at 1346613075

With social workers having more control over what can be done to punish children than parents have, I believe the situation is already out of control. I know of cases in which children have called social workers to complain their parents made them do dishes - & the idiot social workers chastised the parents! I'd boot their asses out the door so fast, they'd get windburn. Then the kid would be cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush & a teaspoon. That's a great discipline. Time of their knees doing an ugly job to the nth degree.. Few kids want to do it twice so they behave better. You're right about parents who make excuses for their children. I'm of the belief, "Take no Shit; Make no Excuses". More people to get with that. ;-)
RedHeadedGypsy | September 2nd 2012 at 1346629591

One thing has remained constant through the years and that is adults in authority (in schools) refuse to discourage bullying and by their silence they encourage it. Is there anything more reprehensible than an adult blaming the victim of bullying instead of punishing the bullier?
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Controversial Carel | September 3rd 2012 at 1346695296

I don't believe there is anything more reprehensible, no. And I have been blamed, when I was bullied - by my birth mother (admittedly, a twit); my foster father; 'teachers', & among the worst, the principal of my grade school AND of the high school I went to. I stood up to all of them & my grandmothers stood with me, as did my uncles. THOSE were my real parents.

Currently I'm taking on Amazon, which is aiding a customer to commit fraud against me to the tune of $200.00. Some idiot from their "help" section emailed me that "as a matter of policy, Amazon does not take the word of its sellers for anything". That INCLUDES U.S.P.S. TRACKING NUMBERS,friends.

Said tracking numbers prove the customer lied about not receiving the merchandise - he had it in 2 days. Which is our norm. So I turned this over to the attorneys & put our shop "on vacation" on Amazon & am praying hard for sales here, since Amazon was good for about half my income.

I cannot allow myself to be called a liar especially when I have the proof & the bully refuses to look at said proof, even though it recommends use of that proof "as a matter of policy". How ass-backward can an organization be? Now we know. I will be spreading this all over the Internet, & ask that you all do, too.

Who does Amazon believe it is?! A house divided against itself cannot stand; & Amazon is definitely internally divided. It does not realize that sellers are also buyers, for starters. So - goodbye,Amazon!

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