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Hanh! / Hau! Welcome! Ukiye el ekta etuwa pilamiyaye! / Thank you for looking at us!
Should you wonder - Our name is a pun, since we were founded by a Lakhota grandma & our products are made by Ndns on the Great Plains of Turtle Island.
Our sales support the Church of the Helping Hand, Inc., which is a non-denominational, non-sectarian non-Xtian society of people of many spiritual orientations who have a profound belief in a Higher Power & worship in part thru service - thru helping in the communitys wherever we are. In the Lakhota Way, we say "we worship by walking our talk". Our lives are our prayers & in the Lakhota Way, we are oriented to walking our talk.
Our mission is to help heal the Sacred Hoop; so the ways we do this take many forms. You can see the company website at .

We wish you great good happy health!

Duwahleh! 2016 Already?!?

Hanh! Hello! I know - it's been awhile.  OK, a long while.

Have been: developing 2 new versions of our electronic pain / parasite killer commonly called "a zapper".
  There's the Revitalizer, which looks just like the original Basic zapper on the outside, but has a neodymium magnet inside the case at each terminal, for the added power of magnetic healing.
  Then there's The Annihilator, which is built on the original Basic Zapper but which as 4 terminals on 2 sets of 3-foot-long leads, with a neodymium magnet in each terminal, so you can put the power of this electromagnetic treatment method right where you want it, while the Little Black Box is somewhere else - more convenient - on your body.

  Have also been: battling a collection of crooks who have been depriving people of their civil rights under color of law - a federal felony offense - for decades.  Seems...  Read More

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I'm Still Here..

Hanh!  Been swamped with work and a miserable lot of 'helpers' no thanks to that stinking oil boom in ND..  It's incredibly tough to get work done when you tell people to show up at a given time & they show up 4 - 6 hous LATE...  or not at all..  maybe a few DAYS LATE..  and we're all in this same boat up here this year.  Friends in other businesses have told me it's the worst they've seen in 30 years.  Sure has been for me!

  So I & 2 wonderful young men & a female friend have been building a room inside the venerable building I've been reclaiming for several years..  at 0 degrees F & below..  which SHOULD have been done last August.  Try it sometime!  I love challenge, but this is the nuts.

  Wishing you great good happy healthy success!  :-)

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(Another) One for Ripley

  Back in February, I & 2 associates decided we had to order more electronic sub-assemblies & assorted parts from our main supplier in China.  Murphy got a ticket to ri-i-ide (sing the Beatles song) on this one...  Instead of maybe a month or 6 weeks, it took 3.5 months to put it all together.

  Our contact there is a delightful lady who works very hard for us & she & I have become friends - especially since she told me she was going home to wait the last month before delivering her baby which I had no clue about until that email....  but that she was going to keep after our order from home, right up until she went to hospital to deliver.  Not many women here would do that...  She did.

  She had a girl.  The weather in China suddenly got very hot right after the delivery, and if you listen to the radio, the atmosphere in China is very polluted, so she & the...  Read More

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"Helping heal the Sacred Hoop through 'green' products resulting in o'kichiyapi - helping each other"
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