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Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine, Microdermabrasion System

ImageMicroDerm Inc. offers quality microdermabrasion machines and microdermabrasion system. Their wide selection of advanced microdermabrasion machines includes diamond microdermabrasion machines and professional microdermabrasion machines for beauty experts.

Company Overview:
ImageMicroDerm Inc. was founded by Luis del Rosario in 1998. Their microdermabrasion machine technique was the first of its kind to offer a unique non-clogging handle. The ImageMicroDerm Inc. systems are the most advanced skin care systems in the present market using five different proven technologies to achieve the ultimate skin care results for:
Clearing of blemishes
Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

For professional microdermabrasion machine and diamond microdermabrasion machine visit the website.

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Name:ImageMicroDerm Inc.
Location:Glendale, California
United States
Category:Health & Beauty