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Red Prom Dresses city of Serang on Friday

"It was only by chance I tuned into a news program on TV that reported the National Batik Day. I wanted to embrace it, so I wore a batik shirt today," he said.

Housewife Herlina, 30, and her 1-year-old daughter, Discount Purple Prom Dresses both wore batik dresses on the day, said, "Since batik has become Indonesia's national dress, I want my daughter to be familiar with it from a very young age."

To help promote batik in Makassar, a group held a fashion show at the Losari Beach.

The fashion show featured 10 male and female models wearing various batik designs and motifs, and distributed brochures to the public written with the words, "National Batik Day: Appreciate the national culture" to passersby.

In Banten, dozens of people marched across Discount Red Prom Dresses city of Serang on Friday, to promote wearing batik among the public.

Riding bicycles, the marchers visited historical buildings, government offices and other institutions in and around the city during the campaign, as reported by Antara.

Prosecutors in Medan, North Sumatra, and other civil servants in many regencies across Java, were also seen wearing batik in their workplaces.

North Sumatra Prosecutor's Office spokesman Edi Irsan Kurniawan Tarigan told Antara wearing batik was a great initiative to consolidate a national dress for Indonesia, which had recently become internationally recognized.

"There was no special instruction given by the Discount A line Prom Dresses Sumatra Chief Prosecutor for prosecutors to wear batik during the National Batik Day," he said.

"Employees wore it on their own accord, following President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's suggestion."

A well-known figure in the architecture and design circuit in Singapore, Aamer Taher says: “I hope this current flashy ’bling bling’ trend dies out,” regarding gaudy interior design elements that he perceives that are currently overused in this field. 

It is not difficult to deduce why he feels this way. Taher’s personal tastes point Short Prom Dresses combining various unique or even simple elements to create a tasteful overall design. “I’d like to use a lot of timber, even for the walls. I think it’s very timeless, elegant, and gives a warm feeling,” he states. Working under his company name, Aamer Taher Design Studio (and Aamer Architects specifically for architectural work) Taher has several renowned projects. They include the URA Design Award winning Merryn Road House, Oosh Restaurant and Bar in Dempsey Hill, Emerald Hill suites that include hand-drawn charcoal murals (drawn by Taher). 

Albeit his more luxurious works, his firm does a Homecoming Dresses of projects: “We do high-end projects, but also small houses, renovations, and A & A projects. Moreover, our interiors are generally integrated into the architectural scope,” he explains.


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