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Prom Dresses question of relations

Cue confusion among the comrades. Yerushalmi says Pyongyang shouldn't have assisted with Al-Kibar, but complains of double standards on the nuclear issue. (He's right on that: Israel, and India, get away with it.) But Cao de Benos, in the true spirit of the DPRK, denied everything: "We absolutely never helped with nuclear technology." Believe that if you will. 

Still, Israel does not define North Korea - or prom dresses on sale Iran and Libya - as enemy states. For his part Cao de Benos said the DPRK would welcome relations with Israel, claiming "we" talk to them like any country since both are United Nations member states. Truer than he probably knew… 

Not so, retorts official spokesman Palmor. There have been no talks. Indeed "Short Prom Dresses question of relations with North Korea isn't even on the agenda, and you can't consider marriage if the bride is not only not consenting, but does not even consent to be asked". 

But here Palmor is being economical with the truth - and the Jerusalem Post, astonishingly, let him get away with it. For Israel and North Korea have indeed talked. Their courtship is a fascinating tale - way more interesting, and important, than the odd sad Kim fan - and hardly Cheap Formal Dresses in Israel, if less familiar elsewhere. Dating back to the 1990s, it was aired again in 2006. 

For a moment I thought the Jerusalem Post was going to omit the real juicy story altogether. Almost, but not quite. Nearly at the very end of the article comes this single solitary sentence: "In the early 1990s, Mossad and Foreign Ministry officials traveled to Pyongyang to try to convince North Korea to end its support for Israel's enemies."That's it. No further elaboration. This I find utterly bizarre. Focusing on a trivial sideshow like the KFA, the Jerusalem Post has totally missed the real story - and let Cheap Graduation Dresses government off the hook. 

The real thing is so vivid that hints of it even turn up in an Inspector O novel. I trust readers know this excellent series, exploring North Korea's Kafkaesque and internecine labyrinths. If not, a treat awaits. Sometimes fiction is the best way to convey fact. The Israel connection Cheap Homecoming Dresses in  Bamboo and Blood , the third Inspector O novel. To say more would be to give the game away. (Author James Church is a former US spook; he knows whereof he speaks.) 

But back to the facts. They aren't hard to find. A rival daily, Ha'aretz, summarized the story in 2006. Start with this to get the gist, but don't miss a much fuller version also available online - translated from a long article in another Israeli newspaper, Maariv, back in 1995. 

No way can I do all this justice, but here goes. The Wedding Dresses Post's bland account implies that "Mossad and Foreign Ministry officials" undertook a joint mission to Pyongyang. Not a bit of it. 

The Ha'aretz headline sums up the reality: "How the Mossad killed a deal with Kim Il-sung." Or as Maariv had earlier scathingly put it, this is "a typical Israeli reality: struggles for power and prestige within the Israeli establishment, jealousy, hatred, scheming, concealment of information, stinginess, rivalry between parties and short-cuts in making critical decisions". 

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