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Prom Dresses felt something

You can find them in supermarkets. In despair and

without aim, she caught an oncoming bus. She Homecoming Dresses not know where it was going. It didn t really matter, though, for she felt she could not return to her horrible hut with the wig and brush still wrapped tidily in a plastic bag in her

hand. She moved to the front of the bus to ask the driver where he was going. Suddenly, Short Prom Dresses felt something warm on her wrist, making her tremble. She turned round. A man was staring at her. I ll give you my seat, fair lady, he said.

Thank you, but I ve got a seat at the back. She walked back to the seat where she had left her bag, but found all the seats occupied and could not recognise which one she had been sitting in. The bag too, was nowhere to be seen. What

have you lost? asked a passenger close by. A bag, ma am. What s in it? Discount Sexy Prom Dresses a wig and a brush, ma am. OK, we ll look for it together. That s very kind of you! Thank you very much. Anyway, I don t really need them any longer, she

smiled in thanks. The bus stopped abruptly and the Discount Strapless Prom Dresses were flung forward. In that fleeting moment, she thought she saw a woman pass by the bus with hair similar to the wig. She ran to the window to get a better look, but the bus

had already turned into another street. Along the pavement, people were hurrying home. Perhaps, they wanted to avoid the imminent cold end-of-winter wind. Translated by Van Minh

Inner Sanctum: Documentary filmmaker has passion for fashion Nguyen Hai Anh is one of the few female directors in Viet Nam and has lensed 40 documentaries for HCMCity Television. Thu Huong talks to her about her latest, a five-part

series on traditional costume. Inner Sanctum: Bridesmaid Dresses on Sale did you become a documentary director? I was the second runner-up in the entrance examination into Ha Noi College of Drama and Cinema when I was 17 years old. One year later, I won a

scholarship for a seven-year-programme at Sankt Petersburg Institute for Theatre and Cinema.


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