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Gold Prom Dresses a dozen visitors

Something Steimane and company are not. In a way, this activity was for themselves. Instead of "real feminism," which is close to cynicism, they chose a more subtle method using art to soften the subject.

Dinner companions included the Riga mayor, a White&Ivory Prom Dresses chain marketing director, a mathematician, a television journalist, the director of the Latvian Center for Human Rights, and the Lutheran Archbishop.

Not all were hungry enough to take the bait. Some invitations were turned down and sponsors were hard to come by. Not surprisingly, women directors and company heads were more responsive than their male counterparts.

With Latvian Independent Television journalist Egils Zarins, a single dad, they talked about their children.

"Our dinner guests opened up much more than we expected," said Stei-ma-ne, who hasn't tired of talking, even though it is what she has been doing for four days now.

In addition to these dinner guests, every day, Yellow&Orange&Gold Prom Dresses a dozen visitors, equally mixed between the sexes, came to talk with them.

"Those who came wanted a bit of an argument," said Steimane.

Others, like a 70-year-old bachelor, came to free their souls and express their regrets. But the hardest visitors were those who asked what the subject and result would be, two things the artists don't work with.

But there were results, and the group would A line Prom Dresses to publish some of the questions and ideas the talks inspired. Contacts in different spheres were an added benefit from the action.

Lithuania has found the perfect way to welcome spring: a dance festival. Peter J. Mladineo describes how modern dance is heating up Lithuanian limbs.

Under Soviet rule dance in Lithuania, and the Baltics, was pretty much limited to Swan Lake and other ballet performances. Modern dance was a rarity for the conservatively educated choreographers.

But with independence came a hunger to explore the world of movement, and thus, to emulate the modern dance choreographers of Western Europe.

That is how Audronis Imbrasas, director of the Lithuanian Dance Information center, explains things. A former ballet dancer and dance critic for Lietuvos Rytas, Imbrasas seems the perfect person to organize this year's International Contemporary Dance Festival, dubbed New Baltic Dance '99.

"For the last 50 years, Lithuania experienced only Soviet ballet, which was very far from reality," said Imbrasas.

One of Imbrasas's criticisms of Soviet Short Prom Dresses is that it was oriented to music, while contemporary dance can be performed with text, noise, and even silence.



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