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Dresses on Sale shield her creamy

One of the IFF's most prolific yet oft-criticised designers is Hindi Mahdi. Born in Palestine and based in Paris, Hindi is the Middle East's version of John Galliano, and not just because he has a way of making the conventional Islamic garb accessible, even appealing, to the masses.

"I've put a modern spin on the clothes," remarked Hindi, One Shoulder Prom Dresses on Sale presented his designs in the Lion City for the very first time. (For more on Hindi, see accompanying story.)

But then again, the public often fail to understand that the fashion industry has always thrived on pushing the envelope. At the same time, ultra-conservative fashion has found its way to pages of iconic magazines such as Vogue and across the world's runways in recent years.

However, it wasn't until a few months ago - when Sexy Prom Dresses on Sale of Nigella Lawson in a black burkini (a head-to-toe swimsuit) surfaced online - that the world was sent into a tailspin.

Mantra shows that Islamic fashion can knock others off their feet... in a good way!

In his column for Fox News, Alex Alvarez said, "A website posed a doozy of a question to its readers today: 'Are burqa-inspired fashions glorifying female oppression or encouraging women to dress more conservatively?' Are those the only two choices we get?"

Lawson's choice of outfit was motivated by a desire Strapless Prom Dresses on Sale shield her creamy complexion from the Australian sun, rather than a sudden conversion to Islam or her conservative dress sense. It was reported that she had purchased the burkini from an Islamic swimwear company, Modestly Active, and that the line chosen by her offers a sun protection factor of 50+. Apparently, she wasn't the first non-Muslim celebrity to purchase an all-in-one outfit from the company, nor would she be the last.

In an interview with the UK Telegraph, Modestly Active's marketing director Ismail Sacranie said that they hadn't expected their clothes to appeal to non-Muslims. Nonetheless, these women now make up 15 percent of their client base.

"The Islamic fashion industry is worth $96bil (RM291bil) a year globally and, contrary to popular belief, it's not just Muslim women who contribute to this figure," said Raja Rezza, who sees Islamic fashion as a "lifestyle" rather than a "religious" choice.

Melinda Looi uses European silk fabric entwined with generous splashes of jewels.

As such, many of those on the guest list of IFF's gala event were non-Muslims. Homecoming Dresses included the likes of plastic surgeons, ambassadors, ministers, socialites and even Douglas Benjamin, CEO of retail giant FJ Benjamin.

"Frankly, I don't have any expectations," Short Prom Dresses Pamela Ramos, the wife to former ambassador of Mexico, over dinner. "It's my first time at an Islamic fashion show and I'm here because my husband was invited. I've never been madly impressed with Muslim fashion before and I'm curious to see how it would pan out."

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