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The kitty party has morphed into a women achievers' club. Gaggles of women still get together to eat, drink and tittle-tattle, but they disguise the outings as purposeful. Clubs have names, and "presidents" bring-along secretaries to fill up forms and record their impressions Ball Gowns on Sale the quality of the wasabi ("as nasty as my sister-in-law" — I swear), the nature of the meeting ("dull, like my husband"), the venue ("girls, isn't there any new place in town?"), and where the next gig will be.

The membership is the mid-twenties (which is the new mid-forties), their bee-stung lips collagened for pecking at each other's botoxed cheeks that can no longer curve into a smile. Their dresses are shorter than their heels, they meet mid-week because weekends are for families, they're "entrepreneurs, Corset Prom Dresses on Sale or ladies of leisure" as someone explained to me, which is jargon for retired models whose husbands afford them the clouds of perfume and flavoured lipstick on which they waft.

They're accompanied by personal stylists because the High Low Prom Dresses on Sale has a society photographer for them to strike red-carpet poses as they walk in (really — no kidding!), a PR executive to ensure page-three coverage, and, of course, because this is the new-age, tarted-up kitty party, they have to have an "agenda" for the meeting: it's "make-up in five minutes instant" this week, "selecting diamonds" the next, and was "cooking for dummies and children" the week before.

Spas are the new coffee shops where they sip unmentionable vegetable juices, have facials and chocolate wraps (that's a massage, not something to eat, dummy), sweat out the toxins from their skin and the venom from their tongues as they get down to doing what they've always done best, though like most things, better lifestyles have resulted in twists to their saas-bahu sagas. "Imagine," I heard one gripe, "my husband's sending his mother to the Amazon for her seventieth, but we're only getting another boring break in Paris." "Just hope the alligators get her," cackled her friend. "Oh, they won't," chorused another, "her hide's thicker than any 'gator." "Imagine what a lovely bag she'd make," another piped in. "The bag hag," Wedding Dresses all laughed cruelly. Sarla? She was just a novice who'd never have managed even the initiation rites of the sexed-up kitty club.

The social scene in the Delhi winters is coloured green, thanks to the polo season. Change an 'o', and you have the thing that makes the summers blue - pool parties! Bikinis, babes and high spirits were in abundance at the pool party at Aqua, The Park, among the first few in the pool season this year.

The guests there happily splashed about, diving into the pool, Short Prom Dresses water volleyball and sipping drinks at the poolside wearing short summer dresses, bikinis, shorts et al.

Look, there's that reality TV girl! We prom dresses on sale this season's “Splitsvilla” contestant, Sanjana Bhatia at the do, who's also a Deejay. What's she up to these days? “I'm playing music at parties and just chilling,” she said. On being asked why isn't she working with the same channel, like various other “Splitsvilla” and “Roadies” contestants, she said, “Yaar, I've bagged a better deal - a chocolate brand's TV commercial.”


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