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HALE & CO. is my real name. Hello. I'm Mr. Traditional. I do things the old way and want to help you to do things the old way, too. It is better, safer, and longer-lasting. The Belgian horses are Julie in the lead and Kate on the left. Julie chews tobacco. They specialise in forestry and work for friends of mine. Since they are prettier than I am, they deserve the attention. I try to bring together the best traditional tools and materials for all branches of Leatherworking, Woodworking, Stoneworking, ancillary trades such as Bookbinding and Upholstery, and so on. More being added all the time. I also deal in good books on these trades and interesting things. Everything is made to the highest standards and made in England, the U. S. A., and so on by the best makers. All small companies who like to make the best tools and materials and enjoy what they do. Some of these makers are hundreds of years old....  Read More
"Turning the Best of the Old into the Best of the New."
Name:Hale & Co.
Location:93109, California
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Since:Jan 1843