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Russia fights Ukraine's sovereignity through "silent federalization"

Ukraine may become a victim of its own democratic principles. This is how numerous experts react on the escalating separatist trends in various eastern regions. The first site to encounter the never-ending "Ruskiy mir" - that is Kremlin soft power - was the city of Toretsk, recently renamed from Soviet toponym Dzerzhyns'k.

On July 4th, that is the day of liberating the city of Slovyansk from Russian-backed separatist forces, the locals witnessed the re-start of the war. The so called activists blocked the military equipment shouting slogans calling for expelling the Ukrainians out of the region.

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Everything started with the terrorists shelling the city the day before the blockade. Ukrainian soldiers are sure someone has deliberately pointed at the Ukrainian military base, since it has been fired heavily the whole day long.

However, when the militants decided to withdraw their equipment from the shellings, the locals simply blocked their way in order not to let the soldiers out. In a while numerous activists arrived shouting the National Guard should leave the city.

When the police arrived, eight participants of the protest action were arrested. Later they confessed the locals were afraid of the new attacks thinking the Russians shoot mainly at the Ukrainian soldiers. In the process of investigation the officers revealed some illegal calls for uprising.

Local residents holding flowers and flags of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic attend a memorial ceremony at the crash site of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, July 17, 2015 (AP Photo)

Vyacheslav Abroskin, Head of National Police in Donetsk Region: "The separatists gathered people through the Internet site called "Dzerzhynsk belongs to the miners". the resource contained numerous slogans calling people to come out to the streets and block the military units of Ukrainian armed forces."

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Russian-backed separatists strive for taking seats in the official administrative structures in other regions as well. According to the members of social movement "Informational resistance", numerous deputies previously working for the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych are now trying to undermine the cores of Ukrainian state.

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One of the schemes recently unveiled by Ukraine's Secret Service is called "the silent federalization". In brief it means numerous deputies of the local administrations write formal requests to the President asking for more autonomy in governing their units. However, the roots of this operation lie no further than Moscow.

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Alla Aleksandrovska who is famous for her communist activities has been already detained and now waiting for the trial. Another Ukrainian recruited by Kremlin reveals the secret methods of their work in Ukraine. Andriy Borodavka worked as a journalist in Kharkiv. Now he is not afraid to talk loudly, since Russian secret service abandoned him with no feedback provided.

Andriy Borodavka, journalist from Kharkiv: "I talked to the so called managers of Ruskiy mir in Kharkiv, in one of the cafes. They gave me the task to organize protests at the local aviation plant. The workers were supposed to block the city centre and spread the banners, allegedly claiming to renew the economic ties with Russia. All of a sudden there had to be a Russian plane throwing propaganda materials from above."

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Another instrument Russia uses in the so called hybrid war is religion. Numerous people with Georgian black-and-yellow ribbon and the portraits of the last Russian emperor Nikolay 2nd appeared during the Christ march for peace in Kharkiv. The action was organized by the church of Moscow patriarchate, whose priests refused to commemorate the Ukrainian soldiers killed in the conflict zone, though blessing the separatists from the so called People's republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Now the over-Ukrainian Christ march moves from the east and the west. Two pilgrim groups are supposed to meet in Kyiv on July 27th, just before celebrating the anniversary of Kyivan Rus' Christianization.

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