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The top tips for glowing skin

While it’s easy to worry about wrinkles, when it comes to our skin there’s another signpost that often goes unnoticed telling us those natural healthy looking skin reserves are on the wane. Dullness. Forget highlighters or strobing, healthy, glowing skin doesn’t have to be something you paint on with your make-up. Abigail James, A-list facialist, has some no-nonsense tips, tricks and know-how for how to get your skin really glowing.

“For skin that really glows it’s time to start triple exfoliating,” says James. You’ve heard of double-cleansing and this is a similar principle, just taken to the next level. But it doesn’t mean exfoliating three times in a row, morning and evening, explains James: “Use a muslin cloth to wash off your cleanser as a daily gentle exfoliant. Use an AHA mask once to week to brighten and freshen and use a gritty exfoliator once a week.”

If you're getting regular facial treatments it might be worth taking it up a notch. Traditional facials are known for their ability to get skin glowing, but some of the latest gadgetry can, quite literally, take your skin's radiance up a notch. “Get technical with your facials,” advises James. Venus Viva Radio Frequency is the new go-to glow inducing, lifting and firming tool used in facials to get skin to really glow. It’s a pre-red carpet treatment loved by the stars.”

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Facial massage pays dividends for glowing, healthy-looking skin and it isn’t just something you get as part of a paid-for facial. “Massaging your skin morning and night is great for skin, but don’t go gently, really get your knuckles involved and use a fab face oil and get stuck into your facial contours.” Just like the other muscles in our body our facial muscles will benefit from a massage and the manipulation boosts circulation, which helps create a natural glow.

If serums aren’t an essential step in your skincare routine then they should be, says James. “Serums are a must if you want results. They contain, and crucially, deliver active ingredients into the skin that not only impact on and improve skin immediately, but also in the long term.”

As much as it’s important to use topical skincare solutions and invest time and effort into your skin from the outside-in, it’s also important to do the same from the inside-out. James loves a daily juice, but doesn’t always reach for the greens, “I’m all about getting down with the beets. Alkalising green juice is great, but beetroot is fabulous for skin’s building blocks like magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin A and a whole host of vitamin Bs.”

One of the simplest things you can do for your skin, that’ll really help it glow, it to get outside. “Step away from your desk, turn off the computer, don’t sit in front of the TV - all the things that keep you inside… Waiting outside for you is Vitamin D and that fresh air will make you feel so much better, whether you’re walking or running around. We’re animals and we’re not supposed to be inside all the time. Vitamin D, fresh air and oxygen are vital to get your skin glowing - it’s the most natural face lift you’ll find.”

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