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Sci-fi chic: Science fiction and superhero-inspired fashion lines

The fashion industry frequently references eras from the past to create new trends in the present, but what happens when they look to the future, or an alternative present in a fantasy universe?

Enter, visions from fashion’s future that call to mind an alternative Earth guarded by a slew of superheroes or a different planet altogether — from H&M’s Interstellar-inspired space suit from its Studio Line and Black Milk’s brand new Doctor Who collection to several international designers putting forth visions of a post-apocalyptic world where the ice-caps have melted and humans have evolved into amphibians wearing sculptural, digitally printed dresses.

Galactic, superhero or sci-fi inspiration for high fashion, imaginatively creating tomorrow’s world, playing with elements from popular comic-movie franchises or drawing upon notions of life outside our solar system, is experiencing a notable surge in global popularity.

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“We’re living in the superhero era, after all!” asserts stylist Meghna Ghosh. “There’s a reason why there are almost 40 superhero movies lined up for release between now and 2020 —they’re insanely popular and their finding their way to mainstream fashion along with sci-fi legends like Star Wars, and becoming a raging trend was only a matter of time.

There is so much innovation happening around Star Wars in particular, like the whole Star Wars studio display at the Toronto Fashion Week recently — each and every creation was a different interpretation of Princess Leia and that just reaffirms how versatile the genre is and how many different things can be done with it.

What is giving it so much mass appeal at the moment, I feel, is its sheer accessibility. Apart from the fact that you can get clothes inspired by your favourite franchise at surprisingly affordable prices online, you can also play up your creativity and sport a homegrown Princess Leia or Black Widow look of your own! And of course, there’s the fact of so many make-up lines emerging around the same theme too. If you’re a comic lover, a superhero fanatic or a sci-fi fan, this is the best time for you to be alive — in every way possible,” she asserts.

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