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Be Thankful For What You DO Have!

Life gives us ups and downs. Some of the downs are worse than others and I've found out first hand how hard it can be to rise to the challenge of climbing back up. Sometimes you just want to find the first hole to crawl in or the first rock to crawl under and say forget it, I give up! Other times you want to let everyone else do the climbing for you instead of getting yourself back up.

It's truly hard to pick up the pieces of a tragedy, an illness or other devastating hapanstance that's occurred. When a tragedy first happens you think to yourself "How am I going to get through this?!" Your first instincts are to lean on others for help and guidance. Well of course, that's what friends and family are there for. They help you to get back on your feet and get your life reorganized to some sense of normalcy, or at least as normal as it's possible...  Read More

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