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What Type are You?

I know we are all human and would love to be perfect however I'm sure each and every one of us knows this is impossible. If God wanted us to be perfect he would have made us that way. Our imperfections come in many different forms. We have physical imperfections, some slight and some more severe. The one thing about these physical imperfections is that in God's eyes we are still beautiful. Always try to look at each other through God's eyes and see the beauty in each other, look past any imperfections and don't judge anyone on looks.

Inside beauty can also be in the eye of the beholder. However this is harder to judge and again only God sees the full beauty of a person's inside nature. A person's character and personality is judged by others sometimes more critically on how they interact with other people and even other of God's creatures. A person who is soft spoken, quiet and tactful in their manners will be treated completely opposite of someone who is crass, bold, outspoken and loud. Someone who is loud and crass tends to come off as pushy and annoying at times whereas the person who is softspoken and tactful will come off as helpful and tender. In general terms, it can often be that the softspoken person is going to be the person others want to be around rather than the person who is loud, however it's not always the case. Sometimes the quiet person can be the one who is sitting in the corner by themselves and the loud person is the center of attention. There are many nuances to a personality. Part of a personality is also a person's temperament.

There are four basic temperaments, Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholy.

A Sanguine temperament can be impulsive and love fun. They are extremely confident, like to socialize and people are drawn to them. Sanguines are usually the center of attention. They can be very creative, but are also sensitive to others. A sanguine is a person who must also have a certain amount of time to themselves. One drawback to a Sanguine temperament is they are usually 100% positive what they are doing is right and it's hard to get them to admit when they are wrong.

A Choleric temperament likes to be in charge and is ambitious however they tend to be either very disorganized or unorganized without any inbetween standard. It's one extreme or the other. They tend to have violent mood swings, assertive and pushy and get aggravated if things don't go their way. They can be very domineering of others, especially those with Melancholic tendancies.

A Melancholic temperament is an extremely creative person who is a worrywort! They tend to preoccupy themselves with other peoples problems. They are also normally a perfectionist, but on a good side they are self reliant and very independant. They don't normally make good pet owners since they seem to be very forgetful.

A Phlegmatic temperament personality is one of the easiest for everyone to get along with. They are a warm, caring, understanding person with a shy nature. They like consistancy and stability but don't like change. However don't underestimate a Phlegmatic, they will fight for what's right if necessary. They will cheer for the underdog in most situations and are usually very good at business.

These types of personality temperments are not of course, exact science! They also tend to overlap and you'll find parts of one type mixed with another in many people. It can be fun (and even scary) to see some of these tendancies in yourself and family and friends. I thought I would write this blog as a reminder that every person is a unique individual. God created us this way for a reason.

This blog is not directed at any one person or group. It's intention is strictly  informational. Any comments that are left that are negative or left without a real name will be deleted. The blog will however remain posted.


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FancyDudsNStuff | May 6th 2012 at 1336334311

Enjoyed reading your blog. It was very informative and interesting, I am so glad God did not mean for us to be perfect, but loves us with all our imperfections!!!! Let all of us try to love one another more, and make tha world a better place.

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