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Social Media Online Fraud and Begging Scams

There are many different types of fraudulent activity happening today and with today's exploding social media it's hard to differentiate between what's real and what's not. A simple picture on Facebook passed from friend to friend may seem harmless but in reality is far from that. The majority are hoaxes perpetuated by scammers.

Usually the scammer will steal a photograph of a sick child, animal or anything that he/she knows will grab at your heartstrings, then ask for donations to be made to help out with medical expenses or whatever the subject matter of the photo is for. Or they add a false caption claiming that sharing the photo will bring about donations towards the subject matter in the photo.

They are trying to get the photo (or photos) to go viral and when social media users share them thinking they are helping it only aggrivates the situation.

The victims of these frauds are not only those who share the photos or those that donate unknowingly, but also in the case of photos that are stolen, the families whose pictures were stolen.

Sometimes theses types of frauds are perpetuated by the actual person themself, using what may be a real life circumstance. They then turn to begging even after getting other help and assistance in their local areas that has been offered to them. They find it's easier to take from "faces behind a monitor" in that these are people they will never see face to face and also never know in "real life".

The only way to stop these types of frauds is to not pass them on when you see them. Until laws are passed to make these types of frauds a crime, we as social media users need to do our part to prevent ourselves and others from being victims of what is now being termed "Social Media Scams".

Please do your part and don't pass these types of scams on to your friends. Let your friends know not to pass them on. If we all become knowledgable about them we can all help to put a stop to these scammers!

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Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | February 27th 2012 at 1330361576

Well said!
no photo
TMUSA | February 28th 2012 at 1330487706

Thank goodness we have you, to keep an eagle eye out for us. I tell you, one thing, even if I wanted too, I could not give even a penny. I have no monies. But I tell you once I had an extra quarter in my pocket, and there was this person by my car waiting for a handout. I gave him my last I drove away, I thought God knows that was my last I was feeling pretty good. As I drove away...that person I gave my last quarter...gave me the finger. When I got home later, I cried........
BeewitchingItems | March 1st 2012 at 1330631060

This is so good and I thank you for posting it. I don't give money to anything unless I know exactly what it is and where the money is going. I learned a long time ago not to give money to people standing on the street corner with their signs.
Gens Variety
Gens Variety | March 1st 2012 at 1330632312 - in reply to BeewitchingItems

I stopped giving money to those standing on a corner or interstate ramp too. Now instead I give them a hand up with food or other help. If they are hungry, they can eat the food, if they are cold, a pair of gloves or a knit hat can help them stay warm. However those types of things cannot be used to purchase booze or drugs and I always hope they don't try to trade for such things but I'll still give them out rather than money.
Indizona Variety
Indizona Variety | March 2nd 2012 at 1330727889

I used to get emails from friends that were forwarded to tell about some tragedy and ask for donations or prayers or both. When I first got the internet, I passed those on to everybody in my address book until one of my sisters-in-law kept sending me links to Snopes pages telling about the scam. So I learned to start checking everything with Snopes and and then passing the links to the ones who were sending me the messages. They quit coming to me after a while. I try to do the same thing when I see something posted on Facebook too and I have posted links telling how the post is a hoax.

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