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Be Thankful For What You DO Have!

Life gives us ups and downs. Some of the downs are worse than others and I've found out first hand how hard it can be to rise to the challenge of climbing back up. Sometimes you just want to find the first hole to crawl in or the first rock to crawl under and say forget it, I give up! Other times you want to let everyone else do the climbing for you instead of getting yourself back up.

It's truly hard to pick up the pieces of a tragedy, an illness or other devastating hapanstance that's occurred. When a tragedy first happens you think to yourself "How am I going to get through this?!" Your first instincts are to lean on others for help and guidance. Well of course, that's what friends and family are there for. They help you to get back on your feet and get your life reorganized to some sense of normalcy, or at least as normal as it's possible to get back to.

The thing is, life can never be the same after a tragedy as it was before it happened. Another thing is while leaning on friends and family is great in the beginning, there is a point in time where a person needs to stop leaning and take the responsibility back upon themselves. Learn to set goals for the future that will work to get yourself back to where you were and even possibly past that.

Letting others do for you what you should do for yourself leaves no sense of accomplishment. In the end, all it will do is leave you with frustrations and a big hole where there should be pride. In God we Trust? We need to also add "In myself I trust"!

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Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | January 19th 2012 at 1326996449

Love it! ;-D
CLOSED... | January 19th 2012 at 1326997749

Amen to that Sister... GOD helps those who help themselves...!!!
BeewitchingItems | January 19th 2012 at 1327007319

Oh, I like this! Thank you for writing it | February 7th 2012 at 1328620023

Gens, that is so true. You cannot depend on others to do for you that which you should do for yourself. It's wonderful to lean on your friends for a very short time, but that leaning very soon turns to loss of respect. Thank you for a great blog.
twysp2 | February 7th 2012 at 1328642398

What a GREAT blog to remind us of the responsibility we must take for ourselves in the good times and the not so good times. No one can do for us what we were put here to do for ourselves...earning self respect, and being a positive influence in the world. I think it is a "do it yourself" DIY project that we have a lifetime to work on.

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