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Want to Report a Criminal?

Amazingly there are lots of criminals running loose on the street, and many people have them as next door neighbors, but for obvious reasons, are afraid to report them. Now that is completely understandable, and most won't call anyone about it, for fear of their own lives, and that of their families live. I now offer this service for free. Simply notify me, of the criminal, and i will make sure that information gets to the point, without your name ever appearing anywhere. Guaranteed.
Lots of folks will not call in a tip, or get a CS number because eventually the paper trail leads right back to the person (you). Now that is supposed to be private information, but we all know, that your name eventually will come up, especially if you take a pay off of any type of reward for information. The buck stops here, since your name never shows up in any type of database anywhere. So got information? If there is a reward, of course you will be compensated, but your name still will not show up, since i do not work on a national data base, and do not share who my contacts are.

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Lost In Space | April 23rd 2013 at 1366719682

The solution to this is to call 9-1-1 for real true help!

Thou your acts of kindness sound good. You have an ad of similar in your store for $1000.00 yet its for free on this blog? Please correct us if we misunderstood.

You have "no feedback"...Actually you have current 0% feedback with a Reputation score: 0

Why would I or anyone choose your offering when the true legal official registered way should always be using 9-1-1?
gardenseed | April 23rd 2013 at 1366721333

Well Lost In Space, let me put it plain and as simply as possible. Lots of people are afraid of the internal affairs leakage, which might reveal their names. Even numbers come back to show names eventually, so yes, this is an alternative, and the job still gets done, without your name ever appearing on any database. So now, as far as the other item in my store, that is for something else. Please do read the full description, and you will discover more. Thanks.
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Lost In Space | April 23rd 2013 at 1366723800

Thanks! It's always best to ask or point out since this blog was selected by site. Good luck.

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