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I have been an online seller for 8 years. I am happy to say I have 100% happy customers. I sell dance shoes, hard to find dishes,pottery, books, DVDs, and music. I also sell better name brand clothes and jewelry usually out of my daughter Katie's Closet. Since the beginning of selling on the Bay til now on Addoway and Bonanza, I look for great bargains to share with my online friends. I never sell anything that I would not want to own or wear!!

Looking at the Past, Praying for the Future

ON a warm early fall day in 2001 I was driving to work when over the radio the announcer said that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Being half a country away, I thought that pilots in NY need to be more careful and blew it off as a small plane getting off course and colliding innocently into the tower. Then before I got out of my car another report was coming across the airwaves. I remember the people on the radio trying to get the correct facts and not being used to going live with anything but sports, hearing sheer terror in their voices.

By a few minutes after nine, we had gathered around a television in the teacher's lounge trying to make sense of what was happening. It seemed planes were falling literally out of the sky. One teacher started to cry and we all wondered if WW3 had begun. Who was doing this was our first question, then why. 
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College Football Is BACK!!


Even though it is 96 degrees outside the football season in the South is in full swing. What is it about college football that is so much fun? Watching college football on Saturday afternoons in the fall is so ingrained in my DNA that I have passed my love of the game to my children.
I love the loyalty that college fans have for their team. Wearing school mascot shirts, temporary tattoos on cheeks and decorating vehicles in school colors is part of the fun of college football. Our love of tailgating, including elaborate food served off of huge grills, flatscreen TVs and RVs decorated to the hilt is as much fun as the actual game. Families and friends gather before the game to celebrate and cheer their team to victory. The pregame tailgate is a tradition for many families that set mood for the big game.
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"Never pay full retail!!! Never!!"
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