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The Fit-Faces System is a new, anti-aging facial fitness system that uses both the Fit-Faces facial exercises and the Nu-Face facial toning to prevent or inhibit normal facial aging.

The Fit-Faces facial exercise program can help to build and firm facial muscles by using proper resistance with both isotonic and isometric repetitions. The Nu-Face trinity facial trainer uses Microcurrent technology to penetrate through the epidermis, dermis and facial muscles, stimulating regeneration of collagen and Elastin, two important facial muscle support systems. When used together, the results are incredible. So, achieve your own facial fitness, with the new and measurable Fit-Faces System.

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Address: 1209 Pritchard Place,
Newtown Square, PA
United States - 19073
Location:1209 Pritchard Place, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
United States
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