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Direct of mines in Mexico, do not buy from middlemen, precious stones, are being more expensive to go hand in hand, always buy direct from the mine.
This is now possible thanks to the Internet, it is said that the Internet changed everything!
Internet is the death of an intermediary.
Don't hesitate to make reasonable offers for anything you see here!
The tradition of wearing gemstones for purposes other than their intrinsic beauty dates back to the dawn of human civilization.
Shamanic Metaphysical Properties of Fire Agate include:
While holding or wearing fire agate one may sense a deep sense of calming energy with security and safety.
It offers protection and strong grounding energetics.
Fire agate instills spiritual fortitude holding space for inner knowledge to emerge in the resolution of problems. It may help in overcoming addictions and other destructive desires.
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"The focus of sale is the customer's benefit"
Name:Fire Agate & Co.
Location:Celaya, Guanajuato
Category:Jewelry & Watches
Since:Oct 1968