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Bad Skin and Haircare Ingredients

Bad Ingredients
Reasearch the ingredients you put on your and your famlies skin and hair. While what is in there is not harmful once just think of how often you apply these ingredients and the possible buildup in ones body.
Why use it: DEA (Diethanolamine), sometimes abbreviated DEOA, is a substance used to produce other ingredients that add foaminess and creaminess to shampoos, body washes, bubble baths and waterless hand cleaners. One DEA offshoot – Cocamide DEA – is an allergen which studies have shown to be irritating to the skin and associated with contact dermatitis, says Alan Greene, M.D., a pediatrician and author of Feeding Baby Green.
Why lose it: The biggest DEA-related concern, says Greene, is its potential harm to fetuses, says Greene. One animal study done on mice showed that the ingredient could damage the developing brain and memory by blocking the absorption of choline, a B-vitamin associated with infant development. 

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