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Vintage Collectables

Although the Milk Bottles I offer are vintage collectable replicas there are collectors of many different items around the world...

Collecting Old Milk Bottles

How to Collect Old Milk Bottles thumbnail Collect old milk bottles.

Collectors of old milk bottles may wish to specialize in one geographical area or in one theme, such as milk bottles with war slogans. This is because there were thousands of dairies producing glass milk bottles in the United States between the 1880s, when the first glass milk bottles came on the market, and the 1960s, when home milk delivery began to decline. California alone had more than 2,000 dairies.

There are two main styles of milk bottles. Bottles produced from the 1880s through the 1930s were round and embossed with cows, barns and other designs in addition to the dairy name. Square bottles came on the market in the 1940s. Producers switched to using painted labels to identify the dairy instead of embossing the bottles.

Colored glass milk bottles are rare. Consumers preferred a clear bottle to see the quality and freshness of the milk inside.

Although the early bottles are frequently collected due to their embossing, the value of milk bottles varies according to the current popularity of a particular decade, such as homeowners wanting to decorate in 1950s style, or a particular theme such World War II slogans.

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