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The Meanings of Colors

Colors meanings...

The meanings of colors

There are no "good" or "bad" colors. All colors have positive and negative effects depending on context, and evoke responses
tempered by the experience of those viewing them. Some of the more common Western cultural responses to colors are outlined in the table below.

Colors and their common connotations in Western culture
Color     Positive                                      Negative
White     Clean, innocent, pure `~    Cold, empty, sterile
Red       Strong, brave, passionate      ~     Dangerous, aggressive, domineering
Yellow     Happy, friendly, optimistic ~ Cowardly, annoying, brash
Brown     Warm, earthy, mature  ~   Dirty, sad, cheap
Green     Natural, tranquil, relaxing  ~   Jealous, inexperienced, greedy
Blue      Strong, trustworthy, authoritative   `   Cold, depressing, gloomy

None of this is clear-cut. Because colors are capable of so much variation, making absolute statements about meaning is impossible.
However, understanding some important concepts about color will help us appreciate how varying a color, and combining it with others, can affect its impact
Let's take a look.

My favorite clothing colors are teal and tourquoise because they bring out the blue in my eyes. Drop me a line and let me know what your favorite color is and why.

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