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Bay Window Curtains

You can create a beautiful focal point for a room with the bay window curtains. It makes most of the view when it is flooded with light. They will definitely liven up the look of your windows making them attractive. You gain an added advantage since they offer privacy as well as adding value to your bay windows. A combination of the right color and quality will give elegance to the interiors and a touch of class. Give it an orderly look by using a good curtain rod to offer support to the weight of the curtains.

The curtain rod ought to be able to take the form of a half hexagon. However, it is advisable to take caution when choosing the types of bay window curtains. A perfect view of the home decor can be enhanced or destroyed depending on your choices. Always choose a color that brings lightness or darkness in a room when needed. For example, the velvet materials may be considered perfectwhen watching movies on a television. The high-quality materials enhance the uniqueness of your decor as it adds a touch of royalty.

bay windwow curtains

There are vast designs to explore when it comes to the right theme for bay window curtains. Some of the rich colors include patterned brown, blue, black, jungle green, and sky blue. You can choose to have a golden brown bay window curtain that has floral patterns. It gives you the idea of the types of pillow cases and accessories you need to incorporate into your decor. Two pillow cases with the floral patterns can be placed in front of plain white pillows. Two lamp shades at both sides of your bed will complement the theme having a bunch of flowers in a vessel. Your wall picture can also have the flower drawings to complement the decoration.

bay window treatments

Blue is also a cool color that gives a sense of freshness and peaceful environment. You can choose to have a blue bay window curtain that incorporated two complimentary shades. A single sofa next to the bed will complement the decor;cor drawing a striped blue pattern from your pillow cases. Instead of the flower vessels that are placed on the side shelves, you can go for those that can be mounted on a wall. The black and white curtains blend well with black leather sofa seats. The table can stand out with the white color while the cushions take both the white and black. If you want the jungle theme, the green color will be a great alternative.  

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