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How to Take Apart iPad Mini Retina for Screen or Parts Replacement

Apple iPad Mini with Retina display, also called iPad Mini 2, has enjoyed a good reputation for its design. But when people buy it, they will take into account the quality, price as well as the reparability of the device. Is it difficult to repair the screens of iPad mini Retina display or other parts? We have disassembled the iPad Mini Retina display and revealed how to fix the damaged iPad mini 2 screen and the reparability. Also, you can learn from this tutorial how to replace some broken parts of the iPad Mini Retina device:

tear down iPad mini retina display for parts replacement

• Replace cracked or shattered iPad Mini Retina Screen.

• Fix the damaged iPad Mini 2 LCD

• Replace malfunctioned earphone jack of iPad Mini with Retina display

• Replace iPad Mini Retina display broken headphone jack and speaker

• Fix iPad Mini Retina device front or rear facing camera

• Replace damaged iPad Mini 2 battery

• Repair broken iPad Mini 2 rear housing

What repair tools and product you’ll need to tear down or fix broken iPad Mini 2 parts

Hair Dryer

Metal Pry Tool

Suction Cup


Triangle Case Opening Tool

Plastic Pry Tool


A new iPad Mini with Retina display screen replacement or other iPad mini 2 replacement parts you need

Step 1 Power off the iPad mini with Retina display

Step 2 Loosen the LCD assembly adhesive of iPad Mini 2



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Curious George | January 4th 2014 at 1388904573

1. Can a Retina display screen or LCD monitor be cleaned with alcohol or should it only be wiped with a #D00801 cloth?

2. Should consumers always buy an extended warranty when purchasing a New Ipad product or is this something not needed?

3. Do you recommend the Ipad or a Laptop for young college students?

4. How did you first hear about please?

5. Do you recycle your products or follow EPA regulations?

6. Do you accept trade - ins?

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