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EMS Surgical LP

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Member Since:  Apr 2016
Recover in style with EMS Surgical LP! With a wide range of post-surgery garments, EMS Surgical has been manufacturing cost efficient and high quality products since 1985. Their goal is directed towards making recovery a pleasant experience. From separator bras to augmentation bras, compression garments to speciality tops; EMS surgical believes in offering secure healing, backed up with a same day delivery option to cater to emergency requirements.
Company Overview: EMS Surgical LP is a comprehensive, user friendly website that offers post-surgical garments precisely optimized for effortless and accelerated healing. Maintaining care and comfort as their fundamental priorities EMS Surgical LP showcases a range of post-operative garments made with soft materials and advanced craftsmanship. From binders to surgical bras and compression garments to shape wear, this organization has completely redefined...  Read More
Name:EMS Surgical LP
Location:Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
United States
Category:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

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