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Twitter, and Hope I am Doing This Right!

Well, I had a weekend of awakenings. I went on Google, and all of a sudden, it hit me! Google is a big commercial!!! When you look stuff up. It is something that somebody else has blogged somewhere,like an ad!!!! Whatever your title to your blog, is put on the list of subjects, and I guess if you can half way write they will print your stuff up. I put a blog up here one day about the major disaster I had with my hair. Well, it was on google like 2 or 3 days later. So there was one lesson.

Then on Addoway, Friday night tweet night. I was tweeting right along, and then I thought HEEEEEEY wait, now I get it!! Everytime I re-tweeted, my address from addoway, was on it, and it was out on twitter so somebody else could see it!!! Man how cool is that?? Man oh man, I am such a yutz!!!! It takes me awhile, but I do eventually get there, It does take me a little while though!! They say thinking outside the box is a good thing, but some boxes are bigger around, and harder to think out of!!  Jeeeeesh.

Speaking of thinking outside the box. The other day, I was talking to one of the other girls at Addoway. She makes a lot of things. She sew's. Well, she was talking about a particular item she was going to make for Christmas. Walker bags. So I start to think. Why would somebody want that? Don't people that have a walker have to use them? Why would they want to put it into a bag? And dang, that would have to be a REALLY BIG BAG!!  Then I started to slow down, and though ooooooooohhhhhh, a walker bag!  They are very cute. You tie them onto the front of the walker to carry your small items in. i.e. wallet, lip balm, maybe a small bottle of water.. Oh, how embarrassed was I???

So, like I said I had a very educationa weekend. Hope your's was as good as mine!!


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