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Mama said there'd be days like this................

Ok, I picked a special color today too. I'm B L U E.  Get it? LOL  Well, the title is really wrong. "days" like this I think refers to just today, well, sorry it's been th whole weekend. And see when you have a crappy weekend, you wake up to a MONDAY!!!! How evil is that?? Things were bad enough, "Mr. Man" was cranky when he got home Friday evening. He works out of town and I know he works hard, I try to have something nice to eat Friday night, just to make it comfortable for him. Well, SO WHAT!!!

See, I am handicapped somewhat. My left leg and foot are paralyzed. I get around pretty good with a cane. I also however take a lot of pain meds. Plus blood preasure etc. Just had to set the stage.

So, Saturday morning areound 3am I fell. It is funny really if you think about it. I was sitting on the potty, and my balance is off. And I tipped over!! ha ha ha  so he came rushing in. I have a goose egg on my left eyebrow, so no big deal. Just had to happen all at once. Now this is the straw that broke the camels back. He went to McDonalds for a biscut this morning, and I asked him to get a couple packets of the "hot wing" sauce. (really good) he said "no" because he didn't want that just like     WHAT?????? Or is it just me?  I am having a bad day. So if you got a worse one than that I'd  like to hear it. Sorry for your pain, but maybe it would cheer me up. Isn't that bad??? God people are not nice. Thanks for listening.   =^..^=  MEOW

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