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Hummingbirds last Hurrah..........

Well, I guess summer is pretty much officially gone! My hummingbirds are fattening up so they can make their trip. (you know Hawaii is the only place that doesn't have hummingbirds!? Thomas Tucker Jr. did you do something?) What a loss for them. They are so exciting. Anyway, about the end of September most of them have gone, if they are going to go. They fatten up before they go. They start out about 3.25 g. before they go they can get up to 6 g. or more! They do not live or fly in flocks. They will fly with other mixed flocks. They are not however "hitch hikers." Some will island hop from the Keys to the carrabean , some choose to leave around dusk and  fly the almost 500 mile trip at once. It can take 18-22 hours! They can  sometimes find off shore oil rigs or fishing boats to rest on.

Hummingbirds have been "banded" to track their flights. This is not done often because in the U.S. there are only a handful of people certified. However it seems that they return to their place of birth their whole lives. They have been known to go back to the exact same feeder, on the exact same day. (I know people that can't do that!  LOL)

They are considered song birds, and they eat so much nectar so they have the energy to go after fly's and spider's. They are carnivors! I have 3 feeders, and sometimes 20 at a time. (no exaggeration!) My mosquito population is less this year. It is amazing to see that many at one time. You can hear their wings, and their songs. I took full feeders out yesterday, and a couple tried to get to the feeders before I hung them up. I saw video's were the little things were eating out of peoples hands! I'll let you know.

Since we have pretty warm weather here most of the time, I am going to leave the feeders up. If you take them down, sometimes, they never return. They have become a part of my life. First thing I do in the morning is feed the cat, and the hummingbirds!!! I'm sure I won't have as manyin the winter months, but next summer by, the end of February, all my little guys will be back, and I will be waiting with fresh nectar for them again.

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