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Gems and their Holistic Properties.....Yes, or No.........

Gems, jewelry, bling, whatever you want to call it, it has always caught my eye. Even as a young girl 9 or so, there was an older couple that owned a veggie stand we used to go to. We were regulars, so I would follow the lady around, all over the store. (Mrs. Shada) she would talk to me a little, but mostly I would just hang around so I could see all her jewelry. I had never seen anybody wear so many rings at one time. Like hummingbirds to wear. In case you haven't noticed those are my 2 favorite things, bling and hummingbirds. They are so much alike. They flit here and there, catch the light just right, and sparkle. So that was my introduction to the world of gems, and by the way, my nickname from my Mother. Mrs. Shada!!! LOL

So, I decided that I better put my money where my mouth is, and I started to give myself an education. I can buy, and feel good about getting a good deal, and I have even learned how to make my own. I love picking out the stones, and settings, and see it all come together. So, let's get down to business. Holistic gems. There are some people that swear by it. Now, I would like to say, that there is no replacement for the advice for your own Dr., his advice, and his perscriptions.

Emeralds: good for eyesite, friendship, the stone will stay together as long as the friendship.domestic bliss, and loyalty in love

Garnets:good for depression or bad dreams, aids in liver function hemorrhages, menopause, arthritis, also it is said that Noah helped guide the Ark with a huge garnet that held sunlight through the night.

Blue Lace Agate: helps with balance, and regulation of brain fluid.

Botswana Agate: heals heart ache one layer at a time,when one layer of pain is gone it is replaced by joy enhances exploration, and creativity, and more attention to detail, helps with nerves, depression, and stress 

Crystal Quartz: a stone of amplified power

Hematite: Grounded and stabalizing, helps heal anger and rage

Malachite: releases and detoxifies, guides emotional body through current and past lives, pease and balance to heart chakra

Rose Quartz: gentle for love to heal the heart, through self love, and self esteem. eases fear stress and sooth's grief

Lepidolite: helps transitions, reduce stress

Unakite: clears diaphragm, reduce toxicity, emotions and old pain, releases anger, resentment, and vengence

Amethyst: it is said that amethyst and rose quartz should be worn together, and worn close to you.... Amethyst promotes spirituality, contentment, helps insomnia headaches, also has some properties to help alcohol recovery Amethyst also is said to have introduction to guides, and angels

SunStone: clears blockage complete lifes purpose, completes karmic contracts of purpose on earth

Ancient Egiptions, wore amulets, rings, crowns,  gems, gold, silver, pewter,all of the above, not only to show there statis, but also, because these things were said to have healing properties. I say why not, I figure, it couldn't hurt, and if nothing else it looks great. And by the way, I just so happen to have almost all of the stones that we talked about. Please don't hesitate to contaact me with any questions. Everything is negotiable. Please mark me as one of your favorites, then you will be able to find me quickly, and Christmas is coming sooner then you think. Thank you for your time, and happy hunting.




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