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Emily Davies Fragrances U.S.

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Sophistication is created by poise, confidence, and beauty.
At Emily Davies Fragrances, our aspiration is to help you feel as sophisticated as you look with our line of luxurious, high-end fragrances.
Emily Davies Fragrances add a touch of subtle and delicate finesse that will enhance and perfect any outfit for any occasion.
Choose from our long line of upscale designer perfumes and colognes, and learn just how powerful and enticing these decadent scents can be.
The expert beauty team at Emily Davies knows that scents linger in memories, and we want to ensure that you’ll leave a lasting impression anywhere you go with our fine collection of perfumes and colognes.
You’ll be absolutely delighted to find that our opulent line of perfumes is as versatile and unique as your personality. Whether you enjoy scents that are light, delicate, and feminine or you prefer musky undertones and alluring...  Read More
"Fragrances At Your Finger Tips"
Name:Codekontrol Group Corp
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United States
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Since:Aug 2013

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